A new scientific study says wearing a bra is not necessary. But, the decision is totally yours!!

Wearing bras might be important to some women, as it is supposed to help in growth of breasts in a better way. But most of the women find it cumbersome and actually illogical to wear bras. But our society has unknowingly made it a rule that women must wear a bra when as a girl they reach a certain age at puberty.


You have varieties of bras such as sports bras and training bras to help young girls develop their breasts the correct way, so that they develop into fuller and healthier ones as supposed to flat chested or ill shaped ones.

But one research performed recently says that it is not exactly important to wear a bra for women and they should ditch it immediately. Here is the study and what it says about women and the prison for their breasts.


1 The research

The study was conducted by Jean-Denis Roullion. Roullion is a French sports science researcher who recently came out with the results of his 15 year old study with respect to the need of wearing a bra for women.

The study spanned a long 15 years and 330 women participated in the study. The women were between the ages of 18-25 years old. The study was conducted at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (University Hospital) in Besançon, and the team involved in the study used a slide rule and caliper in order to record the changes in the participant women’s breasts during the period of 15 years, each and every year.

The research

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2 What is a bra?

Though wearing a garment to support the breasts dates back to ancient Greece, first evidence of garments that closely resembled bras were found in Austria and those garments dated to 1440 AD. From the 16th century, the corset became popular as a method of supporting and pushing women’s breast upwards in order to make the women look more beautiful.


The first modern brassiere was patented in 1889 by a German woman Christine Hardt and in USA, Mary Phelps Jacob patented her design in 1914 and started mass production of the bra, whose design was the one that formed the basis of the bra that is in use today.

What is a bra?

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3 Usefulness of bras

Wearing or not wearing a bra is the individual choice of a woman. Over 90% of North American women wear bras and many of them don’t even bother asking why. Bra wearing has more of a cultural reasoning behind it, rather than any scientific reason.

Most of the reasons given for the need of wearing a bra are that it supports the breasts, which is partially correct. Breasts are made up of deposits of fat and ligaments. For women with medium to large sized breasts, wearing a bra might be helpful, as it will support the breasts and keep any pain from jogging or playing sports at bay.

Usefulness of bras

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Most important is to wear a bra that is of correct size and correct cup size. Bra doesn’t prevent the breasts from sagging, since they have ligaments in them. These ligaments tend to atrophy when not in use and with artificial support from bra, these ligaments become useless and actually do not support the breasts when needed and hence cannot prevent sagging.


4 Result

According to the findings of the study conducted by Roullion, wearing bra from early age did nothing to support the chest, or help in relieving the back pain or even prevent the breasts from sagging. “Medically, physiologically, anatomically – breasts gain no benefit from being denied gravity. On the contrary, they get saggier with a bra,” said Professor Rouillon.

According to the researchers, younger women will gain more toned and shapely breasts if they do not wear any bras. Bras can also hamper in blood circulation and can reduce the breast tone drastically over the time period.


Roullion says that there must be cautions taken by individuals when it comes to making the decision of wearing or not wearing bras; as they have both positive and negative effects on the health of the breasts.


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