A man gave up sugar and alcohol for 30 days and the results will inspire you

One of the most debatable things in the world is what food is good for us and what is harmful for us. For example is coffee bad for you? Is the Atkins diet worth giving a try? But there is one common thing we can all generally agree on is that excess of both sugar and alcohol are bad for us.


Consuming alcohol and foods with extra sugar has become a second nature for us, so much that we don’t really think about it anymore. The health freaks would go into shock if asked to eat a bag of skittles, buts us normal people won’t give a second thought about the sugar content in our ketchup, stir-fry sauces, and pre-made soups.

Apparently one man needed to get the evidence himself, and to do so, he went cold turkey on alcohol and sugar for a period of 30 days. Being a filmmaker himself, he and his friend also documented the whole scenario and the impact it had on his body.


The man was Dutch film maker Sacha Harland who took up the challenge and his colleague and friend Boris documented the whole thing.

1 Preparations for the experiment

Before Sacha began his 30 day abstinence from sugar and alcohol, he decided to have a full body check-up done with aspects such as his weight, fitness, heart and lung capacity, and haemoglobin levels taken into account. His reports suggested him having very high level of cholesterol which he hopes that the new diet will change.


His reports before the start of the experiment will also be very helpful in order to compare his health at the end of the 30 day period.

Preparations for the experiment

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2 Results: Day 4

On day 4 of the experiment, the first effects of a sugarless and alcohol deprived body began to show its true colors. Harland experienced irritability setting in since the body was without sugar for 4 days and he said, “It’s really difficult.”

The problem with sugar is that it is extremely addictive and as it is with sweet stuff, it makes you desire more sweet things. Consuming sugar increases the level of blood sugar and the body produces insulin to counteract it and this makes the body crave more sugar. When you try to avoid that instinct, you will experience the same feelings as Harland.

Results: Day 4

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3 Sacha’s diet

Since Sacha was not allowed to eat any form of sugar and alcohol, he had to consult a dietician to make up a diet plan for him. The dietician was up for the challenge and below is the food stuff Sacha was allowed to eat and the no-no stuff for him.


Foods he can eat: Fresh fruit, fresh vegetable; oily fish such as salmon; nuts; eggs; yoghurts
Foods he has to avoid: Processed food such as pizza and burgers; alcohol such as beer and wine; snacks like chocolate bars and popcorn.

Sacha’s diet

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4 Results: Day 5

On the 5th day, Sacha was at his wits end and was ready to confine himself to his room in order to stop offending people.

He was ready to cut himself off from others and he always felt hungry constantly.he has to consult a food expert and gets a news that makes him feel good. The expert informs him that he can eat olive oil, oily fish, and nuts to get the daily need of unsaturated fat which was now very beneficial to him.

Results: Day 5

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5 Day 25 brings a revelation

Let’s jump ahead to Day 25 which turned out to be an eye opener for Sacha. He explains: “I have just made breakfast and I want to share something with you,” he says to the camera. “This is the first time since I started that I don’t want sweet stuff in the morning.”

“The last week is almost over. I get up easier and have energy to spare. That was a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think it would make this much difference to my physical constitution.” With the 30 days coming to an end, Sacha visits the same doctor for a check up to know what was changed.

Day 25 brings a revelation

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The reports showed that he ahd actually lost some weight and his blood pressure and cholesterol levels were down significantly and his blood sugar has reduced. The video closes with him saying: “I am baffled what this month has done to me. After a month without unnatural E numbers and added sugar I feel fitter. I also have more energy and have lost eight pounds.”

“My blood pressure went from 135/75 to 125/75, my cholesterol went down eight per cent from 4.6 to 4 and my blood sugar is considerably less. Summing up his experience, he says: ‘The beginning was very hard. But eventually I detoxed from the sugar and it went very well.”


6 The video and why is sugar bad for us

Here is the video made by Sacha about his experience of living for 30 days without any sugar and alcohol. You can clearly see the mental and emotional changes Sacha goes through as his body copes with the deficiency of alcohol and especially sugar.

And here is why sugar is bad for us. Sugar is composed of 50 per cent glucose and 50 per cent fructose but is completely devoid of any nutrient value. You can happily survive without adding sugar to your food as you can get all the sugar your body needs from the natural sugar content in many foods.

Body converts the carbohydrates like flour, pasta, bread and sugar into glucose, which in turn gives us energy to perform all the day to day work. But this glucose is extremely harmful to us and hence in order to counter it, our pancreas produces Insulin. Insulin carries this glucose to either fat storage or to be used in our muscle, but unfortunately for us, fat stores are the more common target.


This results in an increased waistline and also risks of diabetes and other harmful diseases.


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