A liver damage condition got naturally cured by this man at home, without any hospital visits! Amazing, isn’t it?

A while ago, I stumbled upon a cartoon, featuring two doctors where one was saying something to the other. The tagline went something like this – “Why offer them a simple solution and cure them of their disease when you can keep them in your hospital and plunder their bank accounts with ‘treatment’ charges instead?” This is the state of modern medicine today.


Somewhere along the lines of this, is the story of Jeff Roberts, the man who countered critical liver damage in the most ‘DIY’ way possible.

1 Jeff and his disease

Jeff Roberts was a normal, healthy, human with a normal, healthy routine and worked as an active health blogger on Collective Evolution.com. All of a sudden, he began developing a very high temperature, migraine, rapid weight loss and highly abnormal urination and stools.


He visited a doctor, suspecting he has jaundice and liver damage, concluding from the yellow tone of his skin. But his reports suggested otherwise. His prognosis claimed that he had Mononucleosis (aka the kissing disease) coupled with extremely unusual liver enzyme levels.

Jeff and his disease

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2 What is mononucleosis?

Mononucleosis means that there is an abnormally high level of monocytes in the blood, especially the ones which are associated with glandular fever. It is also called the kissing disease as the pathogens are transmitted via saliva.

But Jeff was rather perplexed. He was a fit individual, maintained a healthy regime and had been with only one person for the past eight years, and yet his liver was dying with a whopping 1000+ enzyme count when it should have been between 5 and 50.

What is mononucleosis?

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3 Jeff’s Epiphany

Jeff naturally decided to go to a hospital to seek medical help. He was waiting in the emergency room with a bunch of other patients with multifarious ailments. There were people who had been waiting there for hours for results for different tests. Everything was moving at snail’s pace, and the whole atmosphere of the hospital was making him sick. The grave faces of the sick patients, the ‘bustling’ staff that worked rather slowly, the unavailability of water or good food and the mood in general that was set by the place was making him all the more sick.


This is when he realized that the conventional medical system was edging close to being called a farce. Modern medicine is exploiting the traumatic situation of its patients to manipulate them into unnecessary procedures, which they simply cannot refuse. We’re too worried about our health to read between the lines.

Jeff's Epiphany

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At this moment, Jeff decided to bid the hospital adieu, and take up the challenge of healing himself. It was a do or die situation, in the literal sense.

4 How Jeff saved his liver



Jeff consumed around 4 liters of filtered water with fresh lime squeezed in it. The alkaline property of the water was preventing the breeding of any acid loving organisms.


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OIL OF OREGANO (Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus)

These are two special varieties of this oil, from Spain. Oil of Oregano is a strongly flavored disinfectant. It can kill off bacteria, fungus or any virus in the body. Around 15 drops a day combined with garlic cloves should do the trick.


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Fresh, cold pressed juices took over a major part of Jeff’s everyday diet. He consumed juices of beets, carrots, cayenne, lemon, ginger etc. Beetroots and carrots are excellent detox agents for the liver as they are rich in glutathione, plant flavonoids and beta-carotene. They help stimulate and improve overall liver function. Grapefruit is another good source of glutathione.

In addition to this, he drank a lot of green juices, which were low in sugar. They consisted of kale, celery, chard, romaine, spirulina etc. Also a regular in his regime was a cranberry juice cocktail with ginger, lemon and orange. This one cocktail is the one, which did wonders as it is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient, which basically works to thin down and decongest bile, thus allowing the liver to digest fats readily, and it also has glutathione, chelation and antioxidants.


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6 Spices and herbal spices and herbal supplements

Jeff regularly consumed an all-natural, herbal drink called ‘Liver Flush’ by Omega Alpha. It contained milk thistle, burdock root and wormwood shoot. Multiple studies have concluded that milk thistle has very high therapeutic value when it comes to liver related problems.

Silymarin is the key component in milk thistle that supports liver detoxification. This medicinal plant stabilizes the cell membrane and helps in protein synthesis whilst speeding up the process of regeneration in damaged liver tissue.

Spices and herbal spices and herbal supplements

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7 And the astonishing outcome!

In almost a month, Jeff was able to rid himself of Mononucleosis and repair the extreme liver damage in his body. He took the age old phrase ‘You are what you eat’ as gospel and religiously stuck to his self-planned out recovery regime, which to his relief, came to fruition.

And the astonishing outcome!

Image Source: www.collective-evolution.com


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