A great and effective way to remove bunions

A bunion is often defined as a bump on the side of the big toe. The visible bump actually replicates changes in the bony framework of the front part of the foot. The big toe starts to lean towards the second toe, rather than pointing straight ahead. This throws the bones out of position – producing the bunion’s “bump.


Bunions are an advanced disorder. They begin with a curving of the big toe and gradually altering the angle of the bones over the years and slowly creating the distinguishing bump, which becomes gradually protruding. Symptoms usually appear at later stages, although some people never have symptoms.

Here is some more information about Bunions and a unique and effective way to get rid of those painful bunions.


1 How do they occur?

Bunions are mostly caused by a hereditary fault in mechanical assembly of the foot. It is not the bunion itself that is inherited, but some kind of foot types that make a person susceptible to developing a bunion.

Though wearing shoes that pack the toes won’t really cause bunions, it sometimes makes the malformation get increasingly worse. Symptoms may therefore appear sooner.

How do they occur?

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2 Symptoms of bunions

If you are feeling some discomfort in your big toe, you can be developing bunions. Here are some symptoms, which occur at the site of the bunion. The symptoms are pain or soreness in the big toe, inflammation and redness of the big toe, especially on the side of the toe. Sometimes people can also experience a burning sensation and that could very well lead to possible numbness in the toe.


Indications occur most often when trying on shoes that crowd the toes, like shoes with a tight toe box or high heels. This may also tell us why women are more expected to have symptoms than men. Also spending long phases of time on your feet can worsen the symptoms of bunions.

Symptoms of bunions

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3 Natural Remedy to treat bunions

The best natural remedy for treating bunions, before you take the surgical root is going to be explained here.

First there is need to explain how to prepare this recipe, especially in the evening. Use a tablespoon of crushed bay leaves in a bowl and add 300 ml of water in it. Cook this mixture on medium heat for 5 minutes and let it stay still overnight.


Then strain the overnight mixture the next morning and drink the mixture using small sips all throughout the day. Do not drink the whole mixture at once.

Make sure to repeat this process for the three consecutive days and also make a fresh drink every evening. Wait for a week after those three days have passed, and repeat the whole treatment again.

natural Remedy to treat bunions

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4 The results

The first results should be visible after 10 days. The joint pain will vanish eventually and it will also give you relief afterwards .For the bunions to go completely, you need to continue this treatment for 2 whole months.


Another way is to add 100 ml of 96% alcohol to 5 large crushed bay leaves. Let the mixture stay still for a week, then strain it. Apply the resulting mixture onto the bunions. Before you do it, immerse both your feet in 3 litres of warm water mixed with one tablespoon of baking soda.

Dry your feet, apply the remedial mixture and put cotton socks on.

The results

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5 Alternative remedy

Alternately the blend of aspirin and iodine works very well in the course of treating joint pains, bunions, and other types of growths.

Another great way to help with bunions is to grate some soap, apply it onto the painful area and gently massage the affected area. Rinse your feet with lukewarm water, dry them and apply some iodine in the net-like drawing. The most efficient way to do this is immerse a cotton wool in a povidone-iodine solution and then draw a net over the bunions.

Alternative remedy

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