9 Symptoms of cancer in men that they should never ignore

Cancer is not an easy disease to deal with; of course no disease is easy but cancer can be brutal, life changing and also life threatening. Hence, it is very important to be aware of these early symptoms of cancer that we usually neglect.

Although, healthy diet and lifestyle can avoid the risk but sometimes cancer is genetic too, so it becomes all the more important to stay alert. These early symptoms can help us in the diagnosis of cancer at the earliest and help prevent it before it turns dangerous. We have compiled some of the earliest symptoms of cancer in men to help you detect a situation, so that you can act accordingly within time. Read on and keep these symptoms at the back of your mind for reference.

1 Bowel changes

Everyone has a unique bowel pattern and it doesn’t change very often unless you are a teenager or a young adult. Occasional bowel changes are normal but frequent changes could mean colon cancer. Colon cancer affects the entire colon. Frequent diarrhea and constipation are an indication of cancer. If you are witnessing frequent bowel changes or sharp pain in your abdomen, it is important to get yourself checked.

Bowel changes

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2 Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding can be an early sign of rectal cancer. If you experience severe pain in your rectum and see blood each time you pass stool, then you could have rectal cancer. It is very difficult to self-diagnose rectal or colon cancer at such an early stage, hence, it is a must that you get regular rectal scanning after the age of 50.

Rectal Bleeding

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