9 Symptoms of cancer in men that they should never ignore

Cancer is not an easy disease to deal with; of course no disease is easy but cancer can be brutal, life changing and also life threatening. Hence, it is very important to be aware of these early symptoms of cancer that we usually neglect.


Although, healthy diet and lifestyle can avoid the risk but sometimes cancer is genetic too, so it becomes all the more important to stay alert. These early symptoms can help us in the diagnosis of cancer at the earliest and help prevent it before it turns dangerous. We have compiled some of the earliest symptoms of cancer in men to help you detect a situation, so that you can act accordingly within time. Read on and keep these symptoms at the back of your mind for reference.

1 Bowel changes

Everyone has a unique bowel pattern and it doesn’t change very often unless you are a teenager or a young adult. Occasional bowel changes are normal but frequent changes could mean colon cancer. Colon cancer affects the entire colon. Frequent diarrhea and constipation are an indication of cancer. If you are witnessing frequent bowel changes or sharp pain in your abdomen, it is important to get yourself checked.

Bowel changes

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2 Rectal Bleeding

Rectal bleeding can be an early sign of rectal cancer. If you experience severe pain in your rectum and see blood each time you pass stool, then you could have rectal cancer. It is very difficult to self-diagnose rectal or colon cancer at such an early stage, hence, it is a must that you get regular rectal scanning after the age of 50.

Rectal Bleeding

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3 Persistent back pain

Back pain is often neglected and to such an extent that most of us don’t even know that persistent back pain is a symptom of Prostate or colorectal cancer. Unlike the muscle pain we experience, this kind of back pain makes your bones feel tender and you can actually experience the pain in the lower back and hips.

Persistent back pain

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4 Unusual coughing

Coughing when you have cold or an allergy is perfectly normal and coughing is very common among smokers too. But unusual coughing without any reason can be a symptom of lung cancer. So if you don’t have stuffy nose or fever but are experiencing just cough and bloody mucus, then you could have lung cancer. This symptom for lung cancer is common in men.

Unusual coughing

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5 Testicular lumps

Testicular cancers in men are not as common as prostate cancer or lung cancer or even colon cancer, but you should watch out for it. Testicular lumps are an early sign of cancer. It is advisable to check for lumps once a week, especially if you are, or have crossed middle age.

 Testicular lumps

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6 Excessive Fatigue

Excessive fatigue can be a symptom of many chronic illnesses and disorders. Fatigue is a way of your body telling you that it is not alright, and as cancer cells start to grow, your body becomes more tired. Excessive fatigue is a common symptom of colorectal cancer in men. If your body is still tired after plenty of rest and a good night’s sleep, please consult a medical professional.

Excessive Fatigue

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7 Sudden weight loss

As you grow older, you understand the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and to lose those extra pounds but if you are experiencing unexplained weight loss, it is a symptom of almost any type of cancer. If you have been dropping pounds drastically without any diet or exercise, get yourself checked at the earliest.

Sudden weight loss

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8 Blood in urine

Although prostate cancer doesn’t show early signs, blood in urine is one of them. Blood in urine can also mean Urinary tract infection (UTI) or other prostate problems. Prostate cancer at an early age can also lead to bloody semen.

Blood in urine

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9 Lumps in Breast

Breast cancer is not exclusive to women but most men forget that. Men should check for lumps in the breast as this is an early sign of breast cancer. If you experience any lump in the breast area, contact your doctor immediately. Breast cancer in men is mostly genetic but it can be due to exposure to radiation or high levels of estrogen. Men above 60 years of age must get regular checkups.

Not all symptoms of cancer are evident, but it is important to know common symptoms so that you can take charge of your body. And don’t forget the golden rule, go to the doctor immediately, if you find something even slightly wrong with you.

Lumps in Breast

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