8 Warning Signals Your Body Gives You a Month before a Heart Attack

Preventing a heart attack is much better than waiting to have one. In most cases, if you are at risk of a heart attack, the tell tale symptoms may start showing up sooner than you think and even a month before. While many of these symptoms could have alternate underlying causes, together they are the common indicators of a heart attack. These 8 signs will warn you a month before a heart attack and it’s wise to be prepared.


8 Abdominal pain

Nausea, bloating, upset stomach and abdominal pain are common signals which occur in both men and women. Abdominal pains before a heart attack will be episodic meaning they ease up and return again in a short while. Physical tension also increases abdominal pain.

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7 Insomnia

Insomnia has always been associated with the risk of heart attack or stroke. This is common among women where insomnia also indicates stress, PTSD, anxiety and absentmindedness. A person may find it difficult to fall asleep and wakes up too early in the morning.


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6 Shortness of breath

Dyspnea or shortness of breath is another signal of heart attack risk. The inability to breathe deeply and dizziness occur in men and women and can appear even 6 months before a heart attack. It is also a warning sign of other medical conditions.

Shortness of breath

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5 Fatigue

Fatigue affects about 70% of women where unexplained fatigue is another indicator of impending heart attack. This happens mostly in women than men. Physical activity does not cause fatigue and the symptom may go unnoticed. Small tasks like showering, cooking or making the bed may cause you to be fatigued.


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4 Hair loss

Losing hair is another symptom to consider of signs that appear a month before a heart attack. Hair loss is also an indicator of heart disease which affects men over 50. Women too could be in the same risk group. Baldness is linked to increase levels of cortisol always check the crown of your head as hair loss starts from there.

hair loss

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3 Irregular heartbeat

Arrhythmia, as it is called, is a very strong indicator of impending heart attack and anxiety which is prevalent among women. Arrhythmia is usually associated with panic attacks, anxiety, stress and depression. It can happen unexpectedly where it could be joined by another symptom called tachycardia. Physical exercise is a good way to prevent such problems happening. Arrhythmia causes or irregular heartbeats usually last for 2 minutes and you may feel faint and dizzy. Call emergency help if it doesn’t go away.

Irregular heartbeat

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2 Excessive perspiration

Excessive sweating is another sign that could appear a month before heart attack. Night sweating especially will increase along with hot flashes which are also similar to symptoms of menopause. You may experience flu type symptoms, clamminess and sweatiness regardless of temperature and activity.

Excessive perspiration

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1 Chest pain

This, of course, is one of the most important signs of an impending heart attack which appears in different intensities and frequency. Men especially should never ignore such a sign as it affects men more than women. Chest pain affects 30% of women. The pain can even increase causing uncomfortable sensations in both arms, lower jaw, neck and shoulders or even the stomach. If this happens, call emergency right away.

Chest pain

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Other Risk factors

There are several other risk factors that can give you heart attack like no physical exercise, obesity, smoking and poor diet. Here are other factors to consider as symptoms of an impending heart attack a month before. Always get a doctor’s check up if experiencing any of these symptoms.

  • Earlobe crease that lies diagonally from the ear canal.
  • Yellow patches on the inside corners of the eyelids.
  • Calf muscles soreness while walking.
  • Hair in the ear canal in men
  • Premature hair graying in men
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