8 Warning Signals Your Body Gives You a Month before a Heart Attack

Preventing a heart attack is much better than waiting to have one. In most cases, if you are at risk of a heart attack, the tell tale symptoms may start showing up sooner than you think and even a month before. While many of these symptoms could have alternate underlying causes, together they are the common indicators of a heart attack. These 8 signs will warn you a month before a heart attack and it’s wise to be prepared.

8 Abdominal pain

Nausea, bloating, upset stomach and abdominal pain are common signals which occur in both men and women. Abdominal pains before a heart attack will be episodic meaning they ease up and return again in a short while. Physical tension also increases abdominal pain.

Lady abdominal pain

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7 Insomnia

Insomnia has always been associated with the risk of heart attack or stroke. This is common among women where insomnia also indicates stress, PTSD, anxiety and absentmindedness. A person may find it difficult to fall asleep and wakes up too early in the morning.


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6 Shortness of breath

Dyspnea or shortness of breath is another signal of heart attack risk. The inability to breathe deeply and dizziness occur in men and women and can appear even 6 months before a heart attack. It is also a warning sign of other medical conditions.

Shortness of breath

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5 Fatigue

Fatigue affects about 70% of women where unexplained fatigue is another indicator of impending heart attack. This happens mostly in women than men. Physical activity does not cause fatigue and the symptom may go unnoticed. Small tasks like showering, cooking or making the bed may cause you to be fatigued.


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