8 Uncommon signs of prostate cancer that should never be ignored

More than 3 million cases of prostate cancer are reported each year in US alone. The fearful part of the disease is that it can be terminal for males, when compared to women. Most of the times, if it is not diagnosed in the early stages of the development, it more or less proves to be fatal.


The cancer affects the prostate gland and is confined to that part only, but can develop at different rates that cannot be predicted. Most of the most commonly known signs are observed during the later stages of the disease when it is too late.

But these 8 signs are so rare that they are confused with any other ailments or ignored. Better keep an eye on these signs as catching prostate cancer early can save your life.


1 Difficulty in urination

One the earliest and common signs of prostate cancer is difficulty in urination. If you begin to experience pain and discomfort when you begin urinating and then observe a decreased force in the urine stream, you should consider consulting your doctor. It can become extremely painful and challenging to actually start and stop urinating in public urinals, if the condition is ignored.

Difficulty in urination

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2 Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is a disorder when men fail to get a strong erection for sexual intercourse. Most of the times, it is attributed to stress, anxiety or nervousness in healthy men and can be solved by a simple product from the Generic shop 247 most of the time. Otherwise it can be caused due to some medications that you might take for blood pressure or diabetes, which keeps you from getting a strong erection.

If you or one of the men in your life suffer with erectile dysfunction, you might want to consider researching the potential health boosting benefits of male enhancement supplements. VigRX Plus is one example of such male virility products that could help you to see a difference in erection length and quality.


Alternatively, you could look at getting something like penile implant surgery to help. Nonetheless if erectile dysfunction becomes more of a common occurrence and happens frequently, it might be a wise choice to get yourself checked out for possibility of prostate cancer.

Ultimately, it’s a good idea to make sure that there is nothing wrong in the first place.

Erectile Dysfunction

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3 Discomfort

Another sign of prostate cancer that is confused with something else is pain and discomfort in the areas of pelvis, chest, hips and back.


The reason could be that cancer might be spreading to other parts of the body and affecting the bones in the area that experience severe pain. The discomfort could also be due to sitting for longer durations on an enlarged prostate. The pain in the bones may become unbearable as time goes on and can even result in fractures.


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4 Loss of bladder control

Frequent loss of bladder or bowel control in men can be a telling sign of prostate cancer. This happens when the cancer starts pressing the spinal cord. This also results in a feeling of numbness in legs and feet. Many people suffering from prostate cancer experience this rather unfortunate loss of bladder control during a bout of coughing or heavy laughing.

Loss of bladder control

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5 Blood in urine or semen

A tell-tale sign of a developed prostate cancer is presence of blood in seminal fluid. Also presence of blood in urine or what is called haematuria may be experienced by patients. This presence of blood and immense pain may make it extremely difficult for the patient to urinate. It can also make ejaculation during sexual intercourse very painful.

Blood in urine or semen

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6 Inflammation in pelvic or leg area

As cancer develops and enlarges the prostate, it begins to put pressure on the nerves and blood carrying veins to the legs and feet and this can cause swelling in the legs and the pelvic area. If you happen to have constant swelling in your pelvic or leg area, this means that it is possible that prostate cancer has developed enough to enlarge your prostate to put pressure on nerves and veins.

Inflammation in pelvic or leg area

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7 Sensation of having a full bladder

Difficulty in urinating and frequent build-up of pressure in the pelvic area might leave men with prostate cancer with the constant sensation of having a full bladder. They feel the need to visit the restroom frequently as they feel they need to urinate every few minutes.

This condition can be confused with onset of diabetes; as diabetic patients also need to urinate frequently. But unlike diabetic patients, prostate cancer patient only feel that they need to urinate from time to time, as they feel their balder is full all the time.

Sensation of having a full bladder

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8 Unexplained weight loss

One of the later signs of prostate cancer is weight loss which is unexplained. This mainly happens after the disease has progressed to an advanced stage. There is also presence of sores in mouth making the chewing and swallowing a very painful process. Hence the involuntary weight loss.

There are many other signs of prostate cancer that can help in detecting the disease in early stages and prevent further damage. Keep regular check-ups with the physician and let him know of any irregularity.

Unexplained weight loss

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