8 Foolproof ways to stop your hiccups instantly

Don’t you just hate having hiccups? This pesky condition can range from a mild hic to a huge weird sounding wheezing. These involuntary contractions made by your diaphragm can be annoying and though they may last for a short while, here are some useful homes remedies to stop hiccups instantly.


1 Hold Your Breath

By far the best remedy for hiccups is holding your breath. Wait for yourself to hiccup. Then immediately take a deep breath and hold it for at least 45 seconds to a minute. The trick is to hold it long enough till the time taken for the next hiccup has passed. The ensuing carbon dioxide build up in the lungs, relaxes the diaphragm. The hiccupping stops instantly. If it doesn’t, try swallowing a few times when holding your breath.


Hold Your Breath

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2 Drink Water

Gargle with water or sip water several times to exercise the esophagus. Tension is released in the esophagus stopping the hiccups. If it doesn’t work, gargle with cold water for 30 seconds. If you are still hiccupping, try another method.

Drink Water

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3 Paper Bag

Many swear by this method of breathing into a paper bag. Don’t just breathe in but breathe in and out in a rapid motion. The paper bag technique works on the same lines as the breath holding technique. If you fee lightheaded or dizzy, stop immediately.

Paper Bag

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4 Lemon & Bitters

Experienced Bartenders suggest taking a lemon, coating it with bitters and biting on it. Most bartenders claim this is a fool proof and instant hiccup cure as they have had several experiences dealing with patrons with hiccups.

Lemon & Bitters

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5 Chew Dill

Dill seeds are another good remedy to stop hiccups. Just chew on Dil seeds which activate the vagus nerve in the diaphragm which stops hiccups instantly.

Chew Dill

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6 Stick Out or Pull on your Tongue

As weird as this may seem, it is also a remedy for hiccups. However, done in public, it may appear embarrassing so its best done at home. Stick out your tongue or pull on it. This stimulates the glottis which is the opening between the vocal chords that relaxes and reduces the spasm which cause hiccups.

Stick Out or Pull on your Tongue

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7 Plug your Ears

Stick your fingers in your ears for 30 seconds. This signals your brain to relax the vagus nerve which calms down the hiccups.

Plug your Ears

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8 Peanut Butter

Now I’m sure almost all children may start hiccupping more or feigning it when you try this remedy on kids at home. However, it actually works if you eat a spoonful of peanut butter if you start hiccupping. The motion of chewing and tongue movement to get rid of the peanut butter and swallow it down changes the breathing motion of your diaphragm that relaxes and forgets about hiccupping. Practice these remedies to stop hiccups and you’ll find they actually work.

Peanut Butter

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