8 Disgusting things that may happen if you do not bath and shower regularly

Many times, due to things beyond our control (mostly laziness), we skip our shower or bath and only do with a quick wash on the personal areas and lots of deodorant. You think that you will have a proper bath and shower when you come back or even the next day. But ultimately, laziness and procrastination causes you to skip that shower entirely.

The thing is, how long are you ready to stay dirty? And also there are things that can happen to you if you do not take bath regularly or skip it for 4-5 days on a trot. Want to know what kind of things? Here are 8 things that are yucky and disgusting and may happen to your body if you do not take baths.

1 Toenails will become bad

Our feet are well-known for having bad smells and other similar odors. They are mostly encased in closed shoes, wrapped up in socks and what not. Sweat builds up and causes damage to the feet, but the most disgusting culprit are the toenails. It stores all the filth and everything and you can get diseases like the athlete’s foot and also crack your skin if you do not take care and wash your feet regularly.

Toenails will become bad

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2 You can get allergies

Our skin is a nice tropic motel for bacteria and viruses. There are thousands and millions of different types of bacteria on our skin and that’s the reason we need to wash it regularly. The number and strength of these bacteria keeps increasing every time you skip shower or bath and they can infect your skin, your eyes, nose, causes various allergies and even stomach bugs.

You can get allergies

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