7 Tips For Using Contact Lenses For New Users

First of all, congratulations on getting a pair of contact lenses for yourself! You probably will spend the first couple of days admiring small visual details that you have never noticed before – like a wider field of view.


For most people, contact lenses serve as a brilliant option. Mainly because they bring more visual flexibility and convenience to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

When you use a contact lens, nobody gets to know that you are using prescribed corrective visual aids because contact lenses create a natural look. We’ve assembled a list of 7 tips that new users can keep in mind while using contact lenses.


1Thoroughly Wash Your Hands And Dry Them Before Touching Your Contact Lenses

Touching your contact lenses without properly washing your hands can give rise to complications as our hands have germs that can get transferred and contaminate the contact lenses and the storage case. So, before you use your contact lenses, make sure that you always wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly.

Wash your hands


2Don’t Sleep With Your Contact Lenses In

Many companies make contact lenses that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved and can be worn throughout the day and slept in. But, sleeping in with any type of contact lens increases the risk of severe eye infections (microbial keratitis). Hence, it is recommended that you remove your contact lenses every time before you go to sleep!

3Always Keep Water Away From Your Contact Lenses. Avoid Showering With Your Contact Lenses On, And Always Remove Them Before You Use A Hot Tub Or Go Swimming

Exposing your contact lenses to water can lead to Acanthamoeba Keratitis. This is a severe kind of eye infection that is caused by amoebas commonly found in water. Treating such eye infections can be challenging, and it is also extremely painful and can lead to blindness. Never store your contact lenses in water.

Remove contact lences before sleep

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4Each Time You Wear Or Remove Your Contact Lens, Use Contact Lenses Disinfection Solutions To Clean Them. Never Use Water Or Saliva To Clean Your Lenses

The risk of complications increases due to improper cleaning of contact lenses. Thoroughly rubbing your contact lenses with your finger using a lens care solution and then rinsing them is the most successful way to clean your contact lenses. There are different types of contact lenses care solutions available, so choose a brand that is reliable when it comes to buying eye care products. Bausch+Lomb’s Multipurpose Solutions can be used for both cleaning and disinfection purposes.


5Make Sure To Rub And Rinse Your Contact Lens Storage Case With A Fresh Lens Cleaning Solution And Replace Your Contact Lens Storage Case On Time

The use of contaminated contact lens storage cases can lead to severe eye infections. There may be an invisible layer present in the storage case known as a biofilm. This biofilm can turn into a breeding ground for microscopic germs, which can cause severe infections. Also, never mix fresh solution with an old or used solution to store your contact lenses for the same reason.

An easy way to remove this biofilm is to rub and rinse the case with a disinfecting solution, wiping it dry with a clean tissue or cloth, and then allowing it to air-dry with the cases face downwards with the caps off. It might seem like a lot of work, but it hardly takes 10 minutes.

Rinse Your Contact Lens Storage Case

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6Timely Replace Your Contact Lenses As Recommended By Your Optometrist

Many studies have shown that non-compliance towards the recommended replacement schedules lead to eye complications. Extending the usage of your contact lenses over and above the recommended period leads to discomfort, poorer vision, and sometimes severe eye conditions. Thus, keep your eyes healthy by following a replacement schedule as recommended by your optometrist.


7Visit your optometrist to get your eyes examined regularly

Whether you wear eyeglasses or like contact lenses, it is good to have your eyes examined regularly. Doing so keeps a check on your eye health, and if there is any irregularity, it can be taken care of instantly before it turns severe.

Additionally, you can also discuss popular brands such as Bausch+Lomb with your optometrist to find out the different types of contact lenses that would be suitable for your eyes.


Practice Adherence for Healthier Eyes

Globally, millions of people use contact lenses. Problems are very rare and they arise only if the handling and maintenance of contact lenses are not carried out correctly. So, as discussed above in the article, make sure you follow all the tips to use contact lenses and keep your eyes healthy successfully.

Visit your optometrist to get your eyes examined regularly

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