7 Signs that your body is full of toxins and how to get rid of those toxins

You feel tired, exhausted and down despite eating right and feeling completely healthy. Sometimes you also suffer from headaches, stomach aches and you feel nervous all the time. The reason for all this can be toxins accumulating in the body.


People suffering from health disorders never give a thought to all the toxins and assume something else is wrong with them. Here are some signs of toxin collection in your body and ways to remove those toxins from your body.

1 Headaches

Constant headaches can be annoying. It impedes with everyday work and focussing on things. The headaches can be a result of toxins like MSG and aspartame. MSG or Mono Sodium Glutamate is a possible cause of cancer and aspartame is added in sugar-free stuff.


Also toxins like heavy metals and artificial colors that have been added to our food are big reasons for us having those throbbing headaches.


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2 Fatigue

One might feel tired in the day if they don’t get a good night’s sleep. But if you get good amount of sleep in night and still wakeup feeling tired and fatigued, something is definitely wrong with you and the reasons might be toxins.

Your body has to work extra hard to remove those toxins from the body and that results in extra pressure on your adrenal glands. The more toxins in your body, the more pressure on the glands to get rid of them and more fatigued you will feel.


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3 Insomnia

Toxins give rise to the levels of cortisol in the body. This hormone is known as the stress hormone and increased level of this hormone means that you are constantly stressed about one thing or another, resulting in loss of sleep.


Normally the levels of cortisol should be high in morning ad low in evening. But hormonal imbalance caused by toxins results in reversal of levels and high cortisol in evenings prevents you from sleeping causing insomnia.


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4 Constipation

A healthy bowel movement is impossible due to the accumulation of all the toxins in your body. It becomes harder and harder for the liver and kidneys to filter the blood and all the toxins make it too hard for the bowels to push through them.

This can cause severe constipation and other ailments like headaches and pain in different parts of the body.


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5 Muscle Pain

A very clear sign of toxin accumulation is pain in the muscles and joints. This is because the toxins tend to consume these muscles and joints. This results in making the body feel sore and joints ache without any strenuous physical activity.


Some toxins can even mimic the pain receptors in the muscles, leading to knots, spasms, and muscle pain. The worst part is that the symptoms of toxin accumulation may take time to be visible and act like a slow poison, slowly and painfully destroying the body. Only the lucky ones can immediately get hold of this problem, when the symptoms are visible at an early stage.

Muscle Pain

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6 Skin Reactions

The job of toxin removal is done by the liver in our body. But if there are too many toxins present in the body, the skin takes over from the liver and begins to help in removing toxins from the body.


This causes skin to break into acne, rashes and boils. Other side effects are puffy eyes, eczema and psoriasis, caused by high levels of toxins in the blood.

Skin Reactions

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7 Bad body odor

If your body, urine or stool smell bad, it is an indication of high levels of toxins in the body and your liver is unable to fully get rid of them.


Foul breath is a result of bad digestive system, if your oral hygiene is top notch. Bad digestion causes everything to smell bad and this means that the liver is not working at its optimal level to detoxify the body.

Bad body odor

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8 How to remove toxins

Now that you know the indicators of toxin accumulation in your body, here are some ways to remove those toxins in a more effective way.

  • Start consuming fruits, vegetables, tea and lots of water which help in toxins leaving your body in an effective way. Try and eat as many natural foods as you can.
  • Drink as much water as you can, since it is the best way to detoxify your body and keep it working at its best.
  • Also try and exercise for atleast 30 minutes every day to optimise the level of blood flow in the body.
  • Try to do breathing exercises as they help in getting more oxygen in the body, which will eventually help in the detoxification process.
How to remove toxins

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