7 Signs That You Might Have A COVID Vaccine Blood Clot After Getting Vaccinated

5Abdominal Pain

A COVID Vaccine Blood clot can also cause symptoms like abdominal pain. The FDA has listed it as one of the main symptoms of blood clots due to vaccination. If you experience it, take it as a warning sign and consult a medical professional.

Abdominal Pain

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6Leg pain

Another symptom which can be experienced in the leg or arm has been included by the Michigan Comprehensive Stroke Center. They described this as experiencing ‘weakness or numbness of one or both limbs.

Leg pain

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7A seizure

A seizure is the final and the most serious symptom that you can experience due to a COVID Vaccine blood clot. The only way to avoid this symptom is to notice the other signs when you have them and get yourself treated before it leads to a seizure.

A seizure

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