7 mental tricks for weight loss. Prepared? Let’s start!

Think about how often you eat food that you don’t even want to, the free cookie that came with your sandwich; the unsatisfying fat-free ice cream that you kept dipping into each night because you didn’t want to waste it. Change the way you think and watch the weight fall off!


Shedding the extra pounds from your body is not a great deal. Neither is it painful or costly but it cannot be done in a day, it take a lot of time to achieve it. All you need to have is the will power to shed that extra weight by making simple changes to your daily routine.

The human body can scoff and retain a lot of food and the nutrient that is not digested becomes fat and gets accumulated in the body and increases the size of the belly and butts. As the size of the body increases, crave for extra food also increases. So the weight shedding strategy should be devised in such a way that it has a solution for both craving and weight loss.


1 Patterns that can be followed in food

Chew more – Science reveals that it takes 20 minutes for the abdomen to direct a message to the brain that you are satisfied. This means you are likely to eat more if you take a very less time to chew your food.

Look for healthy alternatives – Instead of eating something like a chocolate bar, eat a granola bar instead and try a fruit salad instead of eating sugary sweets. You could also do this with what you drink. For example, instead of drinking a sugar-filled Caffè Mocha, try a Black Latte that can help with weight loss.


Use small sized utensils – Make use of spoons, bowls and plates which is smaller in size than your regular vessels. When you scoop in a few spoons, it would make your mind feel that you have consumed more.

Dine alone – Eating with the whole family will encourage gobbling more amount of food just for the sake of giving companionship to the family members. So, if you eat alone, you can stick to your goal of consuming less food. If you are out of home, you can ask for a go-to box and eat alone.


Think Twice – Think twice before you consume any food. If you are planning to eat cookies or a sweet dish, just imagine, how many calories will be added on to your body and how much extra time, would you have to spend in the gym? In such cases, formulate as to what type of healthy foods can be replaced in place of junk foods.

REMEMBER PALS: Once on your lips, forever on your hips!

Patterns that can be followed in food

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2 Persuade yourself to not to have a meal in the following places

TV /Video games/Computers room

Scientists say that noisy surroundings restrict a person’s ability to understand the absorption of sweetness, sourness, or saltiness to be contented. Since the attention is doled out, the taste of the food will be plain and will make you forget how much has been taken in. So stay away from this place while eating!


Social gatherings

Hands would automatically try to fetch those yummy delicacies at the party, in such cases try to limit your appetite and only taste the food and have a thumbs down for gobbling.

Vanish Away – When your friends are gulping on wine or carbonated drinks, simply vanish away from that place. If you are forced to be there, sip on only water.

Persuade yourself to not to have a meal in the following places

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3 Inspire yourself

Take your own Selfie Snap: Click your own pictures frequently and compare yourself with your older pictures and encourage yourself, if you have lost any pounds.


Measure and Weigh regularly: Note down the readings of the waist size and your weight habitually. Relate it with the previous weeks and honor yourself with any gift, if you have shed any pounds.
I personally love this Gift Idea! Cheers!

See in your mind’s eye: Envisage ahead of time that you are consuming the food and how your belly would look after you take in the food. This would automatically bring you to a mindset and help you out to eat only the food required for your body.

Inspirational Quotes

Schedule motivational messages and quotes in such a manner that you would receive them during the times, that you have your breakfast, lunch, dinner and junk foods.

Inspire yourself

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4 The Shopping Spree

Consume first and Shop Later: Most outings will include a dining menu. So, chew on the food first and then step out for a shopping. This will help you to burn a few of your calories during the “Shop Walk”.

The Shopping Spree

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5 Dream about the gains

Look Young! : Shedding out your extra weight would make you look and feel vigorous. You can evacuate your enervations and think fresh throughout.

Can keep diseases at bay: The health issues that are caused by heavy weight gains like – high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, a few types of cancer, infertility, osteoarthritis, back pain and depression can be kept away from the body.

Outfits and confidence: If you lose weight, trying on any kind of dress will be easy and might match your physique. This will also increase the level of self-confidence and keep you above others. C’mon girls, go for it!

Dream about the gains

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6 Follow simple workouts/Tips

When you have a whole lot of tips, you might get confused as to which one to follow, so take a crack at simple suggestions –

  • Take the stairs and avoid elevator
  • Walk around frequently, do not be a potato couch
  • Wash your clothes by yourself and bid a bye to your washing machine
  • Consuming food in Blue color plates, induces your mind to limit to foods
  • Eat food in front of a mirror, so that you can see for yourself, in what way you are consuming
Follow simple workouts/Tips

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7 Love your body

Listen to your body, it will tell you if you are eating or you are pushing yourself too much. Remember that your body will not change all of a sudden. In a healthy weight loss the process is very slow and steady. So never stress your body for weight loss all of a sudden. Have a clear diet plan. Record all your consumption in a diary and analyze it. Look up to where you can cut down the calories.

Finally, remain honest to yourself. Starting a diet plan and giving up in the middle, or giving relaxations on the diet plan might not help you move ahead in making you healthy.

“Eating crappy food isn’t a reward — it’s a punishment.” ? Drew Carey
Check on the above tricks and write to us if you find it successful.

Love your body

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