7 Healthy and Sure Tips to Grow Thicker and Beautiful Hair

Growing thicker hair is a desire of most women. However you may be following the wrong tips and strategies that help your hair grow. By following these 7 tips for growing thicker hair, you can be rest assured your hair will be long and lush and you will notice the results soon.

1 Visit Your Doctor when needed and don’t forget to take your Vitamins

If you find a problem with your hair, a visit to your doctor may help. There is a possibility of you having a vitamin deficiency and your doctor will know what to do about it. Vitamin D, zinc, B-12, and calcium as well as multi vitamins are usually what doctors prescribe in such cases. Taking what your doctored ordered will also contribute to healthy and strong hair.

visiting a doctor

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2 Trim your ends

Natural hair isn’t always healthy and you may find split ends appearing on strands of your hair. Trim your hair every three months to get rid of the split ends because breakage will prevent your hair growing. Trimming allows the hair to grow longer.

Trim your ends

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3 No heat and minimal indirect heat

Try and air dry your hair frequently and when using heat, keep the setting as low as possible. Direct heat and flat ironing can damage your hair and prevent hair growth and dryness, use a hooded dryer that applies indirect and diffused heat or get a blow dryer attachment.

diffuser for curly hair

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4 Daily oil conditioning

For naturally dry or very dry hair, conditioning it with penetrating oils is helpful. This moisturizes the hair and helps it to grow longer. Use a mixture of Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil twice daily.

oil conditioning

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