7 Hangover remedies that are legit in curing hangovers

Many of us who are either occasional drinkers or regulars at a bar or pub have shamelessly gulped one far too many drinks in a single night. One thing that follows the next day along with haunting memories or lack of them is the feared hangover. While the only sure shot method of avoiding a hangover is to drink in restraint, or far better, never drink at all, there are a few hangover remedies that actually work in easing the head-pounding, body-aching remorse we feel the next day.

A hangover can be very horrible, disturbing the entire program for a day or maybe even more, depending upon your tendency for enduring alcohol. It is much thoughtful to try speedy hangover treatments at home that are easy and effective. Here are some of them listed for your kind consideration. Let us know which one works the best in the comments section below.

1 Drinking Sprite

Though it may sound funny but guzzling down lots of sweet, but caffeine-free soda, may actually offer comfort during a hangover. Sprite helps the body in metabolizing the alcohol in a much better way by speeding up our capability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), an element that is believed to be the guilty party for hangover symptoms.

Drinking Sprite

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2 Drinking lots of water

Most of us turn to water in order to satisfy our thirst during an ongoing night of excessive drinking, since our body is completely dehydrated thanks to all the alcohol we drink.

While the idea of drinking more liquid after all the alcohol you pour into your body may be horrible, the water actually helps. Water lessens the harshness of headaches, fatigue, nausea, and confusion that alcohol brings a side effect. Rehydrating before going to sleep after a heavy night of binge drinking allows us to tackle the signs of hangover in a better way.

Drinking lots of water

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