7 Hangover remedies that are legit in curing hangovers

Many of us who are either occasional drinkers or regulars at a bar or pub have shamelessly gulped one far too many drinks in a single night. One thing that follows the next day along with haunting memories or lack of them is the feared hangover. While the only sure shot method of avoiding a hangover is to drink in restraint, or far better, never drink at all, there are a few hangover remedies that actually work in easing the head-pounding, body-aching remorse we feel the next day.


A hangover can be very horrible, disturbing the entire program for a day or maybe even more, depending upon your tendency for enduring alcohol. It is much thoughtful to try speedy hangover treatments at home that are easy and effective. A new method that you may not have heard of to cure hangovers is through an IV. The Cure IV, although not quite a home remedy, is effective in relieving that nasty hangover after a night of drinking, fast. Other than this, here are some other methods listed for your kind consideration. Let us know which one works the best in the comments section below.

1 Drinking Sprite

Though it may sound funny but guzzling down lots of sweet, but caffeine-free soda, may actually offer comfort during a hangover. Sprite helps the body in metabolizing the alcohol in a much better way by speeding up our capability to process aldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH), an element that is believed to be the guilty party for hangover symptoms.

Drinking Sprite

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2 Staying Hydrated

The reason we get hungover is that we get extremely dehydrated from all the ethanol we consumed the night before. Most of us turn to water in order to satisfy our thirst during an ongoing night of excessive drinking, since our body is completely dehydrated thanks to all the alcohol we drink.


However, this isn’t the only way we can re-hydrate ourselves and feel much better. In fact, getting mobile iv vitamins austin the morning after a big night out can not only re-hydrate but supply our bodies with other healthy vitamins and nutrients.

Drinking lots of water

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3 Peppermint Ginger tea

Studies recommend sipping on ginger or peppermint tea as it can lighten that characteristic head-splitting feeling brought on by hangovers. Apart from that, it also helps the stomach digest the alcohol better without the pain of cramps.

Peppermint or ginger tea can also reduce nausea and motion sickness. On the other hand, Green tea is known to be cooperative to the liver, as it contains EGCG (Epigallocatechin galate), which stimulates key detoxification passageways.

Peppermint Ginger tea

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4 Banana

Eating bananas is more than a hangover cure; in fact this is a hangover avoidance support. Just eat a few bananas before you go on you binge drinking spree at the bar. The potassium in the banana and its complex carbohydrates has a rehydrating and covering effect on the intestines, this helps you recuperate faster from the alcohol surplus.


Also potassium is electrolyte, that holds onto water to in order to reduce dehydration. Natural electrolytes will make it one step closer to feeling better.


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5 Alka-Seltzer

Get hold of any granulated antacid like Alka-Seltzer in case of over drinking. Alka-Seltzer tablets can be easily consumed just by just pouring them in a glass of water.

These tablets comforts the body ache triggered by hangover. Most antacids comprise of some kind of sodium bicarbonate that aids to counteract the excessive acidity caused by too much alcohol consumption.


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6 Eggs

Scrambled, fried or boiled, eggs are a widespread hangover food all over the world. The good news is that they actually are a perfect choice for assisting in curing the vilest of hangovers.

Eggs are enormously rich in protein, something that helps increase mood-boosting serotonin levels and aids in reducing nausea. Additionally, eggs are rich in an amino acid called cystine, which helps combat against the alcohol-induced pollutants that add to your hangover.


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7 Coffee and an aspirin

A world-famous and inexpensive hangover cure is a strong cup of coffee and a couple of aspirin. A study printed in the journal PlOS ONE found that the caffeine present in coffee and the anti-inflammatory elements of aspirin, actually countered the chemical composites of ethanol, or pure alcohol.

Not many people understand that you need a cocoa-rich variation of coffee for counteracting the effects of hangovers. Try having smaller cups of coffee all throughout the day instead of having a huge portion at one go. Caffeine increases the blood pressure and that helps the body to absorb the alcohol quicker apart from giving some respite from the dozy feeling and headaches.

Coffee and an aspirin

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