7 Frightening facts you didn’t know about caffeine

Caffeine is prevalent in our daily life. Our daily dose of the same is met through the intake of tea and coffee. However, we know little of its negative impacts or its health implications. Take a look at 7 facts about caffeine which might just scare you out, but then you should about these facts for the sake of your health.


1 It makes life follow a pattern

Consistent patterns in our daily life are a natural consequence of intake of caffeine. Your day might begin on an energetic note but you will start fading off by afternoon. You might have led your life for years following this pattern, realizing little that this has happened owing to your regular intake of caffeine.

It makes life follow a pattern

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2 Coffee has more caffeine than soda

Caffeinated soda has 35 to 40 milligram of caffeine in about 12 ounces. This essentially means that even if one takes four to five cans of soda every day, it will be moderate consumption when compared to coffee taken by a person.

The caffeine in your coffee cup is much concentrated and even a 5 ounce cup of coffee is stronger than what a can of soda would be. It is believed that a strong cup of coffee is likely to have three times the caffeine as that of soda.

Coffee has more caffeine than soda

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3 A cup of strong coffee a day is enough

Research says that people who consume 100 milligrams of caffeine a day are likely to suffer withdrawal symptoms if they stop consumption abruptly. Incidentally, consumption of 300 to 400 milligrams of the same is considered to be moderate if it is not taken on a daily basis.

A cup of strong coffee a day is enough

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4 Overdose can cause problem

Insomnia or sleeplessness is a natural consequence of consumption of too much caffeine on daily basis. However, it is also true that its consumption has different effect on every person. While some people get a sound sleep after having a cup of coffee after dinner, others might be awake for hours as it takes away their sleep.


Anxiety is a natural consequence in case one drinks too much of coffee. This happens as the habit of sleeplessness sets in and people remain awake for hours at a time when they should be enjoying a sound sleep. Cutting down on consumption of coffee is the only viable solution to get over this problem.

Overdose can cause problem

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5 Tolerance can be developed easily

If we keep the negative effects aside, there are still ample reasons as to why it is used. Caffeine has been found to be a powerful tool for increasing focus on a subject or the matter in hand. Athletic performance has also been found to increase in people who use coffee based products on regular basis as coffee can actually improve your endurance levels and is helpful in increasing the effectiveness of your workout session.

Tolerance can be developed easily

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However it is equally true that building tolerance for caffeine based products is also easier. If compared to a scenario where a person dependent on alcohol tries to give up the same, he will find it difficult to do so.

However, this is not the case in those who take coffee based products on a regular basis. If they try, it is comparatively easier to give up drinking coffee and develop tolerance for the same.


6 Natural caffeine is equally bad

It is a misconception that natural caffeine will do any good to you. It is equally damaging as its synthetic variant and does not come with any additional health benefits. On the downside the synthetic variant of the same is much easily available and is also used on a more regular basis.

Natural caffeine is equally bad

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7 You don’t need to label it

It is inconsequential to list here that the content of caffeine in the drink is not required to be labeled by Food and Drug Administration Department. Leading beverage companies are doing so but it is more on voluntary basis and they are not required to list the same.


In comparison, you will find its clear labeling on a can of soda, even though it is in minimal quantity. The laws regarding its labeling are not clear and commercial companies are taking undue advantage of the same.

You don’t need to label it

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Now that you know about these facts, we hope you can make informed decisions on how much caffeine you consume from now on. Totally eliminating it, is not possible and we know it as deeply as you. But we can make sure that we stay within the safe limits and enjoy our cup of coffee without being scared about the negative effects. This much at least we can do! Don’t you think so??


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