7 Foods That Trigger Migraines and Headaches Which You Should Avoid

Experts still aren’t sure of what exactly causes migraines, but they agree that these nasty headaches can be brought about by certain medications, lack of sleep, or abrupt changes in your endocrine system. But there are certain foods that contain specific properties which can trigger these migraines as well. Studies show that an estimated 10% of people suffer from migraines due to consuming migraine-triggering foods.


Here are 7 such foods you should exclude from your diet at all costs if you suffer with migraines.

1Cold foods

Drinking cold drinks or eating ice cream when you are over-heated from physical exercises or hot temperatures can cause you to experience a cold-stimulus headache. Such headaches tend to last 25-60 seconds or sometimes even 1-2 minutes.

Cold foods

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It is common knowledge that red wine is one of the many migraines triggering foods. However, more studies have shown that other alcoholic drinks like strong spirits, sparkling wine, and beer can make your head hurt a lot too.


Alcoholic drinks usually induce two different types of headaches. One is your typical headache that usually starts within a few hours (from 30 minutes to 3 hours). The other type is considered to be part of the hangover as it is a DAIH or delayed alcohol-induced headache.


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3 Citrus fruits

The acidic content of citrus fruits can affect your blood’s pH level which could set off your migraine headaches. According to some studies, 11% of people with headaches have reported that citrus fruits to be migraine triggering foods. These fruits also contain tyramine and histamine, which could negatively impact your health if you are intolerable to them.

Citrus fruits

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4Aged cheese

Aged cheese is high in tyramine which could make it a potential migraine triggering food for many people. Tyramine comes from the amino acid- tyrosine which is usually formed in foods that are aged, fermented, marinated, pickled, smoked, or spoiled.

Some examples of aged cheese include feta, blue, Swiss, cheddar, parmesan, brie, gouda, muenster, and gruyere. It would be better for your health if you consume fresh cheese like cottage, ricotta, farmer, and mozzarella too.

aged cheese

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