7 Facts about cellulite you should know, No.4 and No.5 will definitely make you hopeful and happy!

Cellulite is no less than your nosy aunt – annoying and unavoidable! Cellulite is a pesky skin situation that shows up on your body when collagen fibers that are known to bind fat to the skin begin stretching and tearing, thus allowing fat cells to expand. The most pitiful fact is that cellulite has become an almost inevitable part of every woman’s life. So if you have got cellulite then you are definitely not alone as there are millions cringing everyday with this hell of a situation that mars the look of the skin. With cellulite being very common among people, let us get to know some of the most incredible facts about cellulite, that you probably do not know.

1 Cellulite is not fat

Well, it is a very common notion that cellulite is nothing but fat; however, this is just a misconception. In fact, cellulite is just bumps and dimples that can be seen when the body fat gets divided into tiny pockets on the skin according to Matthew Schulman, M.D. and Certified Plastic Surgeon. Now this is news! Isn’t it?

Cellulite is not fat

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2 It is more common in women than in men

Sounds unfair.. Nay? Sadly the truth is that women’s skin is more prone to cellulite than men’s. This is mainly because of the fact that the collagen of women’s skin is arranged in parallel rows, just like pillars. Now this pattern allows itself to the compartmentalization of fat which aids in making the cellulite more visible. In case of collagen present in men’s skin, it is arranged in an X pattern. Such an arrangement allows very less space for compartmentalization of fat and therefore does not favor dimpling of skin.

cellulite common in men and women

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