6 Tips for women who want to lose weight in a healthy way after pregnancy

You have gone through many pains and troubles to bring this little living being into this world and now have many concerns regarding the baby like feeding it and putting it to sleep.


Another major concern is to now shed those extra pounds that you gained during the pregnancy. Normally a woman gains 20-30 pounds of weight during pregnancy under the care of her doctor. The time required to shed that weight shouldn’t be more than 2-3 months if you do it correctly.

“It’s very critical that you do get the weight off, because if you don’t it has been associated with overweight and obesity 15 to 20 years later in life,” says Debra Krummel, PhD, RD at the University of Cincinnati department of nutrition.


Here are 6 ways you can lose that pregnancy weight in a healthy way.

1 Don’t Diet

Though it sounds strange, but going on a diet in order to lose pregnancy weight can actually work in a negative way. You must feel wanting to eat all of your favorite food after eating right for the baby for 9 months or so and this can lead you to overeat and over engage in your indulgence causing you to gain weight instead of losing it.


Don’t diet, but eat a balanced diet consisting of your favorite food that is balanced with nutritious and energy giving. Keep snacks like apples, carrot sticks and crackers made out of wheat all around the house that provides you with instant energy whenever you want to eat something.

Contact your doctor for a balanced diet plan as you need nutrition along with weight loss since you are feeding your baby as well.

Don’t Diet

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2 Eat up plenty of Super Foods

When you’re a new mother, your body desires all-out nutrition, particularly if you’re nursing. You need to eat foods that are full of healthy nutrients and light in calories and fat.


One such source of rich protein is fish as it’s full of DHA, a vital omega-3 fatty acid that helps your new-born develop a healthy brain and nervous system. DHA is found in abundance in cold-water fish such as salmon, sardines, and tuna.

You need calcium to strengthen your bones and milk and yogurt the best sources for you to consume to get all the required calcium. Lean meat, chicken, and beans are full of protein and fibre, giving you both energy and a good digestive system. It also keeps you feeling full for longer.

Eat up plenty of Super Foods

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3 Breast feed

Some studies have found that breastfeeding actually helps you lose weight. Breastfeeding is extremely good for your baby as it helps in enhancing immunity and it also provides a number of other significant health benefits. And feeding your baby the natural way lets you add about an extra 300 calories a day to your diet.

Breast feed

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4 Drink lots of water

Doctors also profess drinking plenty of water if you want to lose weight. Also drinking water during the course of the day stops you from getting parched. Water also helps by fillings you up so that you don’t end up eating too much food. Some research also establishes that it improves your metabolism.


While the water required to drink throughout the day is not yet certain, you can use the color of your urine and the number of times you need to visit the loo as guides as to how much water you should drink.

If your urine is clear, it is a sign of you drinking enough water and you should also be going to the toilet every 3-4 hours in a day.

Drink lots of water

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5 Get back to the gym

You also need to include aerobic and strength training workouts after pregnancy if you want to burn extra calories and keep your muscles and bones strong. Just dieting and eating right will not be of help in itself.

With a baby, it is difficult to take out the required amount of time for a full workout, but you can take a hurried walk with your baby in the stroller. That is sufficient to get your heart thrusting and muscles working.

Before you start any exercises, you need to consult your doctor.

Get back to the gym

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6 Get some sleep

Being sleep deprived makes it even harder for a new mother to lose all the baby weight. New moms who slept for five hours or less in a night are more probable to keep that extra pregnancy weight than the women who slept for seven hours a night.

When you’re tired, your body discharges cortisol and other stress hormones that can encourage weight gain. You might have heard the advice of “sleep when your baby sleeps” from your friends or family members, trust them it is good and valid advice.


Try and catch as many catnaps as you can during a day and also go to bed early to catch up on lost sleep, till the time your baby starts sleeping through the night.

Get some sleep

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