5 natural ways to get rid of blackheads at home

4 Clay Time

Clay is the most natural that you can do, in order to remove blackheads. And you don’t have to buy any fancy clay for your use; just some cosmetic clay would do especially bentonite clay. It has minerals that tend to heal skin related ailments for centuries.

When you apply this clay on your face, the molecules in this clay gets electrically charge when mixed with water and it helps in drawing out any and all impurities that are stuck on the pores of the face. Also the face gets to absorb all the rich minerals form the clay.

Just mix a tablespoon of bentonite clay with water or apple cider vinegar, which is an excellent substitute for water. Apply this mask on the face till you feel it drying. This could take upto 20-30 minutes. Use lukewarm water to rinse off the mask and then moisturise you face adequately.

Clay Time

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5 Take a clean toothbrush to remove black heads

This method is to be done when everything else fails in removing those pesky hard nosed blackheads. This can damage your face if not done with enough care.

Use a soft bristle toothbrush. Mix some lemon juice and some skin friendly oils like jojoba, neem and use a drop of the mixture on the toothbrush and gently, very gently scrub the area with blackheads with this brush.

Dip the head of toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide in between the scrubs to clean it. And do not under any circumstances use the same brush you use for brushing your teeth for this method. Keep replying the lemon and oil mixture in order to smooth the skin during the scrubbing. Do not go crazy with the scrubbing, do it gently and don’t apply pressure.

Take a clean toothbrush to remove black heads

Image Source: www.crunchybetty.com

Kindly don’t repeat it more than once a week. Don’t put this method to use over open pores, skins or cuts, trust us, it will hurt, a lot.

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