5 Important Exercises Everyone Should Do If They Are Over 50, Say Doctors

10How to do it

Place the resistance band beneath your right foot and hold each end of the band in either hand. Curl your hands towards your upper arms and pull up for just 2 seconds. Breathe out while raising the band and release for 3 seconds. Ensure that you move your arms and nothing else. Do six reps and then change to the left foot doing six more. Once you are used to it, you could challenge yourself further while standing on one leg.

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As boring as the squat sounds, it is an excellent way to tone your legs, core and glutes simultaneously.  This exercise helps you improve balance and flexibility to prevent falling or getting off balance. The squat is also one exercise that can be done anywhere.

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12How to do it

Standing with your feet flat on the floor and shoulder width apart, just push your bottom back and bend your knees down to a squat position. Do not go further below than ninety degrees. Raise both arms forward while doing so. At the low point, your glutes should be in a position as if about to sit on a chair. If you suffer from joint problems and arthritis, then avoid deep squats and do a gentler version by resting against a wall or performing a semi-squat.


This exercise routine was based upon a book called the world’s healthiest people who never slow down, never seem to fall sick and never age. Moreover, you need to eat a healthy balanced diet of carbs, more lean protein from healthier sources like fish, dairy and chicken breast and healthy fats. Avoid smoking, excess alcohol, processed foods, refined flour products and sugar.

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