5 Important Exercises Everyone Should Do If They Are Over 50, Say Doctors

If there is one secret to successful ageing, it is to adopt a mentality to confront it and do something about it rather than be depressed over it. You are going to age, we all will eventually, but age is a number to denote how many years we have lived in this world, it doesn’t necessarily mean a compulsion to look haggard, weak and unhealthy. Even with age you can remain in the peak of health and look beautiful providing you take care of yourself by taking care of three important elements of your lifestyle, your physical activity, your diet and your mindset.


1Lifestyle and diet are very important

While there are many who do abide by a healthy lifestyle and exercise, many of us indulge more in walking or cardio assuming that is enough. But what many don’t know is that strength training is a major factor when it comes to age because being stronger makes your life easier. Normal chores like carrying grocery bags, a suitcase from your car and opening jars are much easier. In fact, when you exercise, it also has an impact on your wellbeing make you feel better.

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2Muscle mass needs to improve while you age

By improving your muscle mass, it increases your body’s ability to burn fat and that means being slim while you age. A well-toned physique can erase years of your body and improve your bone mass making you more flexible and reducing your risk of muscle problems and joint disease.  It also improves your balance. Here are five exercises that you should do diligently for a stronger and healthier you after 50. The exercise target joints, major muscle groups and the areas prone to weakness as we age. Do these one to three times a week.

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3Forearm Plank

The forearm plank is an excellent exercise to do for engaging and strengthening your core. It is also not something that requires you to do too many reps and all it requires is 30secs to 2 minutes of it. In fact if you have your own office room or at home in the kitchen perhaps, just do a plank for 30-40 seconds. Your core muscle fibers can shrink and become less supple as you age. This puts more strain on your back resulting in back pain. Planks are the best exercise to keep your body strong.

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4How to do it

Just place your forearms on the floor and push your toes in too. Your elbows should be in alignment with your shoulder with arms parallel to the body and shoulder width apart. Keeps your hands clenched into a fist. With bottom half of the body stabilized, squeeze your glutes without locking your knees. Keep looking at the floor in front of your hands to neutralize your neck and spine. Hold the position for 20-30 seconds. Once you get used to the plank, you can go up to a minute but without compromising breathing or form.

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5Downward Dog Split with Knee Drive

This exercise is also good for core strength and strengthening the obliques which are the muscles on the side of your obliques. Do not rush into this position but gradually ease your body into it. If you aren’t comfortable then take the support if a chair at first when it requires you to lift up your leg.

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