5 Hidden health benefits of spicy food

Spicy food is a loved and enjoyed in countries like India, China and America. Many of us love to gorge on spicy food; the tantalizing flavor and the thrill that it gives to the taste buds are simply the right elements that make the meal more palatable. So redefine the chef in you by playing with the likes of bell peppers, pepperoncinos, pablanos, jalapenos, capsicums, habaneros, Thai peppers, the classic green chilly and many more. Not only do these spices add the much needed tang to your food but also make the dishes more appetizing and healthy as revealed by many scientific studies.


If you are someone who loves the spice and heat dose in your food then you are at great luck as spicy foods are known to be virtuous for your health in more ways than one. Let’s get set,to know the 5 health benefits of spicy food that will make you fall in love with the heat quotient of your food.

1 Spicy food is good for your heart

Heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in America, so if there is any food that is good for heart health then it needs to be taken more seriously. Spicy foods like chilli peppers fit the bill right and as they are easily available in the market you can start off by adding small doses in your food and gradually increase the pepper quotient for the good health of your heart. Peppers contain capsaicinoids that are potent plant compounds and it is this element that improves blood vessel function, lessens bad cholesterol and treats irregular heart rhythm. Remember, a healthy heart is a ticket to a healthy life!

Spicy food is good for your heart

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2 Spicy food helps in weight loss

A research conducted in 2011 in Purdue University has brought to light that fiery foods increase your metabolism. Apart from that, it also suppresses appetite and boosts calorie burn. Moreover, frequent spicy food eaters are known to feel less hungry and report lesser cravings for fatty, salty and sweet foods. So all you health freaks out there; make a dash for the hot and peppery food fares to get that dreamy slim look you have always been craving for!

Spicy food helps in weight loss

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3 Spicy food helps to clear sinuses

Anytime you feel stuffed up, go ahead and add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to a cup of piping hot tea. Breathe it in and sip it, as it is a proven age old therapy which helps in stimulating your mucus membranes lining up your nasal passage and ultimately draining the blocked mucus. This helps you to breathe easily. Moreover, hot pepper being a rich source of vitamin A, fights germs, thus acting as a barrier against infections. But, some strong words of caution here- spicy food is good only for clearing out sinuses when the problem occurs once in a while. Please don’t, we repeat, DON’T go for spicy food if your sinuses are blocked almost always and the issue is a chronic one. You have a severe infection, for which spicy food will certainly not be good; in fact it may aggravate the problem. If your sinuses are blocked almost always, then go visit your doctor for better treatment and relief.

Spicy food helps to clear sinuses

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4 Spicy food helps prevent cancer

Cancer, a major killer in the past decades is known to be affected by capsaicin. This plant compound activates cell receptors present in the intestinal lining and creates a reaction that lowers tumor risks. Capsaicin is rich in antioxidants; it also has anti-inflammatory properties and has shown good promise in the treatment of cancer. Large amount of Capsaicin on a regular basis shows effectiveness against pancreatic, bladder and breast cancer cells.

Spicy food helps prevent cancer

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5 Spicy food lowers blood pressure

Yes, your favorite chilly has medicinal properties that help to lower blood pressure. Advised to patients suffering from high blood pressure, spicy food has the ability to induce blood vessels to relax which in turn can lower blood pressure. However, before you shift to a spicy food diet, doctor’s advice is imperative in this regard.


lowers blood pressure

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So, with this list of 5 hidden health benefits of spicy food, I am sure you are going to add a generous dose of pepper with every serving of your food. Enjoy the fire on the table and get set for a healthy experience with the scrumptious food made zesty by the classic peppers and chillies. Stay happy! Stay healthy!


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