5 Common Reasons Why You Keep Gaining Weight at Work

3 Lighting and room temperature affects your appetite

Research has discovered that a dim room can increase appetite. The lighting in a room influences a desire to eat more when dark and less when light. That goes for the temperature of the room too. When it’s nice and sunny, go for a walk which works wonders mentally and physically. If it is cold in your office wear a sweater. You could always discuss about the lighting and temperature with the office authorities.

looking at computer screen in dark

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4 Working after hours

When you work overtime and longer hours could make you skip exercise. The lack of sleep also when working late could result in hormonal imbalances which could make you hungry all the time. If you find no time to work out, use your physical activity to do so like using the stairs instead of the elevator. Go for longer walks instead of using a bus. Get enough sleep because when you do it could contribute to effective weight loss.


Working after hours

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5 Stress and deadlines cause tension and increase mental pressure

Constant stress at work is a huge cause for weight gain. When your stress levels increase, it could also increase the levels of a hormone called cortisone which triggers a craving for fatty food and sugar. You need physical activity and sleep to get rid of stress. Food can’t really solve your problems. There are several ways to beat the stress and the fact why you’re gaining weight at work. Breathing exercises, yoga and meditation could help a lot.

Using stairs

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