350 Babies may have been exposed to Tuberculosis by an employee at a California Hospital

An incident in San Jose in California sent shocks to everyone as the news came from a top notch hospital in the city. It was reported that a whopping number of about 350 children and their mothers along with the other hospital employees were exposed to tuberculosis by one of the hospital employees. The exact number of adults exposed is coming as around 368 parents and about 308 employees. This has indeed come off as something really shocking from a reputed hospital in California.


1 Tuberculosis history of the infected employee

The hospital in the news here is Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, San Jose, California. The authorities of the hospital claim that it was in the middle of November 2015 that one of its staff members was suspected of suffering from active tuberculosis. The employee, according to the hospital authorities, who was employed in the area of the nursery for newborns, was then placed on leave.

The nurse who is responsible for spreading the virus at the hospital underwent her annual screening in the month of September and she was found to be negative. It was later when she had an unrelated medical problem that she underwent evaluation and her physician found out that she is suffering from TB.

Tuberculosis history of the infected employee

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2 Preventive treatments are needed for those exposed

The Chair of Pediatrics of Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre, San Jose, Stephen Harris has said in a statement that though the risk of infection to the babies who are exposed to tuberculosis infection at the Infant Care Centre is relatively low, TB infection can result in grave consequences when it comes to such exposed babies. This not only calls for antibiotic treatment to the babies but also to their parents and the hospital employees who were exposed to the TB virus.


Stephen Harris further said that the hospital is now engaged in widespread testing and in the process to start preventive treatments for those exposed to the virus as early as possible.

Preventive treatments are needed for those exposed

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3 Testing facilities and treatments are being provided by the hospital

The Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre is reaching out to those mothers and parents who were under the hospital’s care from mid August to mid November. The hospital is also providing testing facilities and preventive treatments on a daily basis to the infants as well as their mothers.

All mothers or parents or the hospital staff, who were possibly exposed to the infection are being screened and given necessary treatments.


Authorities at Santa Clara Valley Medical Centre have affirmed that most of the employees have been already diagnosed and they have tested negative so far.

Testing facilities and treatments are being provided by the hospital

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4 United States is being highly exposed to TB infection

According to a report published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there have been about 9421 tuberculosis cases in the United States in the year 2014. Hospitals and Clinics in the US are now widely spreading awareness regarding Tuberculosis and its possible consequences. If someone is tested positive for TB infection, it is really essential that the medical treatment starts out soon. With proper medical treatment it is very much possible to combat the disease.

United States is being highly exposed to TB infection

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5 How the TB virus spreads?

Tuberculosis, popularly known as TB is an illness that spreads through the air. The virus mixes in the air when a person infected with TB sneezes, coughs or spits around. It is then that the germs get ingested into an uninfected person. It should be noted here that while it is possible to be infected by the TB virus it can be also be so that the infected person might not be sick from tuberculosis. This is the reason why it is often seen that patients infected by the TB virus remain unaware of their infection as they are not able to experience any symptoms. Thus, timely diagnosis and medical treatment is very important in such a case.

TB is caused by a bacterium called Mycobacterium tuberculosis and though it is usually found to attack the lungs it can also affect other organs such as spine, kidney and brain. The TB infection is treated with antibiotics and the treatment prolongs for a few months and sometimes to a few years. In case if it is not treated properly, the results can prove to be fatal for the patient.

How the TB virus spreads?

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