15 Foods Sure To Make You Happy And Reduce Stress

It’s a strange human tendency to binge eat while stressed out or super worried about anything. A survey revealed in US 40% of adults tends to overeat while under work or study pressure. But the actual problem does not lie in eating but the kind of food which is being consumed, which is always junk food. This is the reason why binge eating or stress eating can be dangerous in more than one way. And yes we are not just talking about weight gain only.

Don’t gorge on the wrong food when depressed

People suffering from depression often have to struggle against a larger waistline too as there are quite a number who resort to eating instead. This leads to abdominal fat, oxidative damage and more insulin resistance. Rather than resort to junk food, feast on these 15 foods to make you happy and improve your mood. You’ll be surprised that such items exist because there are foods scientifically proven to improve mood and make you feel happier.


eating too much in depression

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1 Alaskan Salmon

Well even if you do not manage an actual Alaskan salmon, there are many great varieties of salmon available in any fish market. Make an effort to get to your local fish market a get catch of the day. Salmon like its sea buddies anchovies and sardines have krill oils, omega-3 fats, EPA and DHA which helps in maintain a healthy emotional equilibrium. In fact, one study proved that omega 3 supplements taken by medical students decreased anxiety 20%. It can combat early signs of depression as well.

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2 Pistachios

Not only pistachios are tasty snacks to be kept handy while studying or watching a stressful football match, but 2 servings a day can lower your vascular constrictions which is typical during stress. In simpler terms, pistachios reduce the load on our hearts since our arteries are more dilated. Some even find the rhythmic act of shelling pistachios and crunching them ….well therapeutic, as it’s a repetitive action which slows the racing negative thoughts in our heads.

But always buy fresh organic ones as the dyed or bleached pistachios are at high risk of carrying aflatoxin, a carcinogenic mould.


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3 Dark Chocolates

It is acknowledged that a bite of unadulterated dark chocolate makes you happy, contented or even satiated. These are not mere imaginary feelings but have a strong medical backing to support it. Every time we bite into a luscious chocolate, anandamide, a neurotransmitter is produced which temporarily blocks feelings of pain and depression. In fact, the word itself is derived from a Sanskrit word”bliss”. Along with other chemicals this “feel good” aspect of chocolate is not short-lived but prolonged.

This is why the journal of psychopharmacology states that eating or drinking at least 1.5 ounces of chocolate daily will make you calmer, no wonder it’s referred to as the “The New Anti-Anxiety Drug”.

Dark Chocolates

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4 Blueberries

The antioxidants present in blue and blackberries called Anthocyanins are small pigments which give these fruits their deep rich colors. The same antioxidants aid in the greater production of dopamine. It’s a chemical which is critical to mood balance and memory functions. In addition to this blueberry eaters experience a sharp increase in the production of killer cells (a type of white blood cells) which fortifies our immunity towards stress.

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5 Avocados

The avocado is a super food in its truest sense as it alone contains 20 different essential heath boosting nutrients, including potassium, Vitamin b, E and folate. According to research conducted eating just half of fresh avocado will fill you and curb your food craving for many hours. Besides managing your waistline avocadoes regulates the sugar levels which would directly mean steady mood even under stress.


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