15 Anxiety Triggers You Should Try To Avoid In Your Home

Home is considered to be the quietest place for all of us, especially for those who want to overcome anxiety. However, it may seem surprising that some of your things can also affect your well-being. For example, keeping your pet on your bed can affect you. From your living room to the bathroom, every place can easily have unnoticeable details. And they start affecting you even if you don’t notice them.


Let us tell you more about the following anxiety triggers that you may not have noticed in your residence:

1A bathroom scale

Gravitophobia can be a new special word that you hear for your bathroom scale. People who use the bathroom scale on a daily basis can easily develop a scale addiction, showing that they constantly weigh themselves. After some time, this particular habit turns into an unpleasant stressed emotion. Of course, your bathroom scale is not easy to avoid, especially when you are on a weight loss journey. There is a simple solution to this – you can hide the scale and trying to weigh yourself only once a week or month.

A bathroom scale

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2You wake up only when the alarm rings

A strange noise that helps you wake up in the morning can similarly trigger your body to produce greater levels of adrenaline. When this happens every morning, and for a long time, it can cause anxiety. Conversely, you should try to wake up naturally. If you are too accustomed to alarm sounds to wake up, this can be a worrying thing. Therefore, you can consider replacing your alarm with anything fully silent, which can mimic bright daylight and wake you up gradually.

You wake up only when the alarm rings

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3Allowing your pet to sleep with you

Most of us cannot resist putting our pets in bed with us. And hardly a few know that this can have more cons than pros. When you get so close to your pet’s fur, it can cause allergies and illness. Besides, your pets can also interrupt your sleep. Accordingly, not getting adequate sleep and rest can be allied to increased stress levels and irritability. Because of such negative consequences, you should arrange a separate bed for pets.

Allowing your pet to sleep with you

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4Looking at yourself in the mirror for too long

Gazing into the mirror is something new that makes you feel more stressed, study researchers said. If you also like to see yourself in the mirror for a long time, then you can stop this habit to avoid getting tense. Of course, you can try replacing your large mirror with some options that are not attractive to gaze at. It will be a difficult task, especially if you love seeing yourself in the mirror. But you should sidestep this habit soon to avoid triggering anxiety.

Looking at yourself in the mirror for too long

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5Creating a separate slot for all photos of your family or friends

Decorating your wall using photos is a great idea, but it can also trigger anxiety. Though you may have collected all your memories in one place, this visual clutter can affect your brain. As a result, such a photo gallery in your home can distract your attention, making it harder for you to feel relaxed, and even make you tense. So, the best thing is to keep the photos in separate frames and place them in different parts of your house.

Creating a separate slot for all photos of your family or friends

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