13 Symptoms of Lung Cancer You Should Never Ignore

Lung cancer is one of the worst types of cancer cells that can form in the body. According to the American Cancer Society, 235,760 new cases are found each year. Also, more than 131,880 people die every year because of this cancer that kills the most people around the world. The lungs are like sponges that take in air and let out carbon dioxide. These important organs give us air to breathe, so it makes sense that people with damaged lungs have trouble breathing. Getting lung cancer is most likely to happen to people who smoke cigarettes.

However, knowing which are the most important symptoms of lung cancer can save your life.

But many people with this cancer have never smoked a cigarette in their lives. People who used to smoke and stopped have less of a chance of getting this cancer, but they still do because some damage to the lungs is permanent.

1So here are 13 symptoms of lung cancer to watch out for

Like many other types of cancer, it may not show up immediately. At first, a person may feel like they have bronchitis or a bad cold that won’t go away. But as the disease worsens, it becomes difficult to breathe and makes simple things like walking around the house difficult.

Some might think lung cancer is asthma or something else, like COPD. If you have trouble breathing or notice any of these 13 symptoms, seek medical attention immediately. Here are the symptoms that oncologists see most often around the world.

  1. Chest pain
  2. A persistent cough or cold
  3. Frequent headaches
  4. Trouble getting enough air
  5. Your voice is getting hoarse
  6. Pain right down to the bones
  7. Feeling sick and being sick
  8. High levels of blood sugar or blood pressure
  9. Muscles becoming weak
  10. Losing weight
  11. Confusion or mood changes
  12. Seizures
  13. Coughing blood
symptoms of lung cancer

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Why do people get lung cancer?


Lung cancer is most often caused by smoking, but it is possible to get this disease even if you don’t smoke. The carcinogens in cigarettes hurt the lungs of people who smoke by getting into their bloodstream. The body’s defence system fights hard against these toxins and fixes some of the damage they do.

The problem is that when someone smokes all the time, their body can’t fix all the damage they do to themselves. So, healthy cells become cancerous and start to grow. This type of cancer can be caused by more than just smoking.


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The last common cause of lung cancer is asbestos. Before the 1990s, many buildings used asbestos for insulation. Since this mineral is a naturally occurring fibrous silicate, no one thought it would be a problem to use it to keep the house warm. But it resulted in a condition called asbestos lung when people were exposed to asbestos. It caused them to have difficulty breathing and could quickly turn into lung cancer.


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4Radon and other radioactive gas

Radon, a radioactive gas, is another major concern for the lungs. Radon is found in homes and places of business all over the world. It gets into these homes through small cracks. Radon is a natural part of the earth, and since it has no colour, smell, or taste, you could be exposed to it without being aware.

Radon and other radioactive gas

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5Some more heavy metals

Cadmium and selenium are also heavy metals that can increase the risk of lung cancer, but not as much as other ways of being exposed to them.

Unfortunately, it may not be possible to find out why or how a person gets lung cancer, so the problem is still a mystery. Oncologists observe many cases where sidestream or second-hand smoke causes tumours, and the American Cancer Society confirms that just being around a smoker exposes a person to 70 dangerous toxins.

As the cancer grows, the symptoms of lung cancer will get worse. Also, if cancer spreads to other body parts, it can cause even more problems. The following are the most common problems.

Some more heavy metals

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