13 Health benefits of aerial yoga which will make you fall in love with the

The new fitness trend on the block is aerial yoga. If you are a yoga lover, yoga teacher (train through SiddhiYoga.com) or even if you have only done an asana or two in your life, you should certainly give aerial yoga a try, particularly for the range of health benefits it provides. Also known as Anti-Gravity Yoga, aerial yoga involves a full body workout some feet above ground level. You are suspended by a silk hammock that closes around you, making for you a peaceful pod in which you can do a host of yoga asanas that are fun, athletic and healthy. And why not, our very own Gwyneth Paltrow has come off as a latest addition to the fan following of this gravity defying form of yoga. So, if you want a svelte figure like Paltrow and enjoy a healthy mind and body, start off with aerial yoga. Here we present to you 13 health benefits that aerial yoga gives you.


1 Strengthens muscles

With gravity working harder than ever on your body, your muscles tend to work harder too. Aerial yoga is an excellent core workout as you employ your core muscles in order to keep yourself balanced and stabilized during the yoga session.

Strengthens muscles

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2 Enhances your flexibility

With the new freedom of movement that Anti Gravity Yoga provides you can try out various new positions with your body. The results can be more enriching than traditional yoga.

Enhances your flexibility

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3 Relieves stress

This is a sure-shot benefit of yoga. Just like its traditional form, aerial yoga also offers great stress relief along with providing you a sense of joy that comes when you do something as new and exciting as aerial yoga.

Relieves stress

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4 Improves focus

When you do an aerial yoga asana, you put yourself in a challenging situation, which forces you to be more cautious and aware of your surroundings. You are likely to concentrate more on the situation as you are not used to forming various positions while being suspended in the air. Thus, aerial yoga improves your level of focus.

Improves focus

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5 Enhances memory

This form of yoga enhances your neural connections, which leads to enrichment of your memory power. So, if you want to be smarter, aerial yoga is definitely a sure-shot way.

Enhances memory

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6 Improves digestion

The various kinds of movements and stretches aid in improving the digestive system and curing various digestion related problems including indigestion and constipation.

 Improves digestion

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7 Makes you happy

One of the wonderful benefits of aerial yoga is that gives you an adrenaline rush as you go against gravity. Moreover, it leads to the release of “happy” hormones namely endorphins, serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin. All this boosts your mood and makes you feel more energetic and happy.

Makes you happy

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8 Heals spine related problems

When you hang freely in air, your spine lengthens. There is less strain on your back when you are in a position of aerial yoga and it relieves tension in the spinal cord and hip joint. This heals all spine related issues.

Heals spine related problems

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9 Combats the symptoms of aging

Your blood circulation improves and this helps in combating the various symptoms of aging. Plus, there are other benefits like normalization of blood pressure, relief from joint pain, control of diabetes, etc.

Combats the symptoms of aging

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10 Keeps heart diseases at bay

Aerial yoga detoxifies the circulatory and the lymphatic systems. This is a great thing to keep all sorts of heart related diseases at bay.

Keeps heart diseases at bay

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11 Nourishes your skin

Aerial yoga, if done on a regular basis, tends to improve your blood circulation, as discussed earlier and this is an excellent thing that aids in nourishing your skin. You get a healthy, glowing skin and with the reduction of wrinkles and spots you look more beautiful.

Nourishes your skin

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12 Weight loss

Aerial yoga being a full body workout regimen, is one of the best ways to lose weight. If you want to fight the flab and shed some extra pounds start off with aerial yoga. It is also known to combat cellulite.

Weight loss

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13 Cleanses the respiratory system

An excellent way to cleanse your respiratory system, aerial yoga asanas can cure respiratory problems. In an age where we breathe in toxins from the polluted air, aerial yoga is a good way to keep your lungs healthy.

After reading all these benefits, we are sure you are all set to start off with aerial yoga. After all, what more could you ask from a fitness regime?

Cleanses the respiratory system

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