13 Everyday Habits That Make You Quickly Gain Weight

9Using too much of natural sweeteners

Some great alternatives to sugar are natural sweeteners like honey or maple syrup. But despite their health-beneficial properties, they still do contain some amount of sugar. A tablespoon of honey could contain up to 17 grams of sugar while a tablespoon of maple syrup contains 12 grams. There is no need to completely avoid eating such foods, but you need to consume them in moderation. Adding too much of natural sweeteners to your meals can soon turn into unhealthy weight gain habits.

Using too much of natural sweeteners

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10Having too good manners

When you eat together with your family or friends you tend to consume much more food than you originally planned to. Sometimes when you take too much, you might feel guilty for not being able to complete your plate. But this feeling can make you overeat which will lead to you gaining more weight.

Having too good manners

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11Preferring milky coffee

Coffee can never make you gain weight unless you start adding certain extra ingredients to it to enhance its flavor and taste. These ingredients are mainly sugar, milk and cream. Many people opt to have their coffee sweetened, milky, or creamy rather than a simple cup of black coffee.


This causes the sugar and fat content in the beverage to add up which significantly increases the number of calories in your coffee. Drinking it regularly will make you put on weight even faster. A cup of milky cappuccino contains 110 calories while a cup of dark roasted coffee contains only 4 calories.

Preferring milky coffee

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12Switching to almond milk

When you’re trying to lose some extra weight, it wouldn’t be wise to switch to a plant-based milk substitute if you aren’t lactose intolerant or vegan. Dairy products contain calcium that can potentially boost your metabolism which lowers your chances of gaining weight. To make this work, you will have to incorporate it into a healthy and balanced diet.

Switching to almond milk

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13Preferring skinny jeans

These jeans just make you look slimmer, but wearing them often can lead to some health issues. These types of jeans squeeze your entire lower body- your buttocks, thighs, and core which prevents the muscles from performing their supporting functions. Due to being under pressure these muscles become relaxed once you take off your jeans and start looking flabby. Switching to more relaxed styles of jeans is advisable and whenever you wear such jeans you should massage your core and ankles after taking them off.

Preferring skinny jeans

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