13 Everyday Habits That Make You Quickly Gain Weight

You might have an excellent weight loss plan which includes a combination of regular exercise and a nutritious diet, that you strictly follow. But why isn’t it working for you? Instead, you notice that you are packing on some extra pounds rather than losing them. If you think about it, then the reasons for this become evident. There may be certain unhealthy weight gain habits that you have, but aren’t aware of.


Habits like an obsession with gym or sports, plant-based alternatives, or even a choice of casual clothes can significantly impact your progress. Checking these habits will not only help you start losing weight again but, will prevent you from ever gaining weight in the future.

Here are 13 unhealthy weight gain habits that you need to watch out for.


1Avoiding carbs and fats

Never sacrifice other nutrients for more protein as it could weaken your immune system. Not eating a healthy balanced diet will only cause vitamin deficiencies and health conditions like heart problems. For these reasons you should never exclude carbs and healthy fats from your diet in an effort to lose more weight. Such meal imbalances only make you gain more weight and are considered as unhealthy weight gain habits. To lose weight without compromising on your carbs and fats intake, consume mostly complex carbs and unsaturated fats.

Avoiding carbs and fats

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2Taking gummy vitamins

Even though you lead a healthy lifestyle with a proper diet and good habits, you still aren’t able to lose weight. One reason could be because of the supplements you take. If you take vitamin supplements in the form of gummy vitamins then that is the reason why you don’t lose weight. Gummy vitamins contain added sugar in comparison to ordinary pills. These supplements can even make you gain weight slowly as it significantly slows down the process of weight loss.

Taking gummy vitamins

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3Skipping lunch

Sometimes you are so busy throughout the day that you completely forget to eat lunch or just don’t have the time for it. However, some people believe that eating light is healthy and will benefit them in the long run. That is a common misconception since not eating enough food will make you fatigued and stressed which increases your food craving. It might make you act on impulse and binge on unhealthy foods later. This also leads to hormonal imbalances that can slow down your metabolism and make you stop burning fat. These are some unhealthy weight gain habits that you need to take note of.

Skipping lunch

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4Always staying at home

Going out in the sunlight sometimes can benefit your health. When your body doesn’t get much exposure to natural light, it tends to start storing more fat. A study revealed that when daylight penetrates the skin, it directly reaches the fat cells. This causes the body to store less fat because the size of the lipid droplets gets reduced and released out of the cell. Try to get a daily dose of natural daylight by going and staying outside for at least 30 minutes.

Always staying at home

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