12 Warning Signs Which Reveal the Onset of Dementia


Agitation is one of the common symptoms of dementia because people who suffer from this condition are always confused, disoriented and have impaired thinking. Any little thing can make them agitated. To reduce their agitation, it is necessary to make them feel relaxed and safe. Here are some ways to do this-

  • Watching videos of family members
  • Aromatherapy using fragrant oils
  • Light exercise
  • Music therapy- listening to harmonious and soothing music
  • Pet therapy to help improve moods and behaviors

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6Difficulties in communication

Problems and difficulties in communication and speech are considered to be a mild form of aphasia. This aphasia affects those afflicted with common types of dementia like vascular dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It is one of the clear signs of dementia and it involves having problems with finding words and names despite knowing them well.

Difficulties in communication

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Anxiety is common to many different medical conditions and medical interactions. Even certain circumstances that stresses out a person and affects their mental health can cause anxiety and agitation. A person with dementia biologically loses their ability to negotiate new information and stimulus. This triggers anxiety in them as they misperceive certain things as threats. It makes them fearful of their surroundings and any changes happening in their lives. The anxiety takes a toll on them making them extremely fatigued as they try to make sense out of the ensuing confusion in their mind.


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8Difficulties with vision and spatial abilities

When you start having blurry vision and difficulties in spatial abilities such as being unable to perceive the depth and space between objects it can be a symptom caused by dementia. Senior citizens are usually affected by this and struggle to comprehend what they see due to decreased vision.

Difficulties with vision and spatial abilities

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