12 Warning Signs Which Reveal the Onset of Dementia

You never know how dementia can creep up on you and before long you might just be exhibiting some of its symptoms. According to the Mayo Clinic, ‘dementia is an umbrella term which describes a set of symptoms which include impairment in memory, language, reasoning, judgement and other cognitive abilities. The signs of dementia gradually begin, and can get worse over time. It impairs a person’s abilities in their social interactions, relationships, and professional life.


The symptoms or signs can vary depending on the cause but these 12 symptoms are some of the most common signs of dementia.


A person with dementia can start seeing hallucinations. They begin to see, feel, smell, hear, or taste things that aren’t exactly there. Some of these hallucinations can be really scary while others can be like normal ordinary visions about people or their past.


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2Disorientation and confusion

Disorientation and confusion tend to be mild during the early stages of dementia. When this happens, you get frustrated with any sudden changes you witness. Recollecting recent events becomes difficult while you fail to process what people tell you. Memory losses in the later stages become far more severe.

Disorientation and confusion

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People afflicted with dementia can become extremely suspicious of the people around them. This symptom is known as paranoia and could make them accuse their close ones of infidelity, theft, and other things. Family members should realize that this behavior is being caused by the disease and shouldn’t take offense by it.


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4Memory Loss

This symptom is almost always noticed by family members or close friends. Memory loss disrupts a person’s life completely and is one of the more -recognizable signs of dementia. You might normally-

  • Forget common words while speaking.
  • Mix words up while speaking such as you might say table instead of bed.
  • Ask the same questions repeatedly.
  • Get lost while walking or going out.
Memory Loss

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