12 Unexpected simple life hacks that will make you healthier than before. Learn them for a healthy life!

Sometimes, smaller things can provide you with a simple solution to a much complicated problem. And these things are mostly in your vicinity and you can try them without the danger of anything going wrong.


These hacks not only save time, they can also save money and effort that you might otherwise spend on doing things the wrong way. And these hacks are not limited to just folding shirts or doing hair, we bring to you, 15 life hacks that you can use to lead a healthier life.

So tighten you seat belt and memorize these life hacks.


1 Eat mindfully

Eating mindfully simply means that you should give up eating your food at your desk or in front of the TV and just chewing food for the sake of it. You should take your time when you eat your food, focusing only eating the food. This way you won’t overeat or inhale your food, because you are in a hurry to get somewhere.

Eat mindfully

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2 Follow the 20/20/20 eye rule

If you want to keep your eyes healthy and live till old age without using spectacles, follow the simple 20/20/20 rule. You just need to take a 20 second break, every 20 minutes, from straining your eyes form looking at the computer screen or your phones and let it wander over something 20 feet in distance.

Follow the 20/20/20 eye rule

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3 Sunburnt? Treat with Tea

Well, first and foremost, you should only go out in sun after applying sunscreen. But if still you got sun burnt, here is a handy hack for you. You can use a soaked tea bag and apply it on the sun burnt area for some time. Doing this will sooth the burn and it will disappear in a few minutes.

Treat with Tea

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4 Tums to cure mouth ulcers

Mouth ulcers can be nuisance if left untreated and can cause some patients to stop eating due to the discomfort. The easiest way to get rid of them is to place a TUMS pill over the ulcer and let it dissolve. It will make the pain go away in no time and will also heal the ulcer quickly.

Tums to cure mouth ulcers

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5 Herbal Teas are a must

Make a habit of drinking 3-4 cups of herbal tea each day. Herbal or green teas are great anti-oxidants and get all the toxins out of the body in no time. Not to mention, but they also provide energy and helps in losing weight and digestion.

Herbal Teas are a must

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6 Sleep Early

Lack of sleep can lead to many complications in life. Try and sleep an hour early than your normal time. This will make up for the lack of sleep and will re-energize you and give your body ample amount of time to get back in working shape for the next day.

Sleep Early

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7 Keep a check on your Posture

If your work entails you to sit at a desk for hours and type away on your computer, you better take care of your posture. Any slump or slouching can lead to serious health issue in the long run. Always keep your head on top of the shoulders and shoulder straight back.

Keep a check on your Posture

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8 Add cinnamon to coffee

If you are an avid coffee drinker, you must also be adding lots of sugar in it. Try to make it healthier by putting lots of cinnamon in the coffee instead of sugar. Not only cinnamon will bring taste to the coffee, its natural sweetness will sweeten the coffee to your liking. Not to mention that it will detoxify your body and boost the immune system.

Add cinnamon to coffee

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9 Take Stairs Always!

If your office is on any floor less than 6-7, try and take the stairs both ways instead of the elevator. It gives your body a chance to do some activity after sitting for hours on the chair and also keeps the joints moving. Taking a stroll down and up the stairs after having lunch also gives digestion a boost.

Take Stairs Always!

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10 Steam out the smoke

Smoking is one of the worst habits anyone can develop. But if you are really hell bent on quitting it, try taking the help of sauna. Go to sauna 3 days in a row after you have stopped smoking. On the third day, you would have sweated out all the nicotine from your body, which makes cigarettes so addictive. Once the nicotine is out of the body, quitting smoking will be easy.

Steam out the smoke

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11 Get rid of migraines by having grapes

A very simple hack to get rid of migraines is to drink grape juice. The anti-oxidants in the grape are perfect counters for the migraine pain. And the solution also tastes good and re-energizes the body.

Get rid of migraines by having grapes

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12 Pimples and Listerine

Getting up in the morning and seeing a pimple on the face is one the horrors we all know and have experienced. The best way to get rid of it is to dab some Listerine on it using a cotton swab. The alcohol in Listerine will make the pimple dry and it will fade away in no time.

Pimples and Listerine

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