12 Things You Should Not Eat If You Want Wrinkle-Free And Smooth Skin

9Bowls of cereal

Most of us start our day with a bowl of cereal. But we probably don’t know that cereals contain a lot of unwanted elements. Experts also point out that some brands contain more sugar than cola. High amounts of sugar develop advanced glycation end products (AGEs). And these compounds can boost up the aging process of your skin. This could be a valid reason that you should take a look at the labeling of the cereals you eat.

Bowls of cereal

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10Fruit Smoothies

Perhaps you know fruit smoothies to be a healthy snack, but inadvertently they are full of sugar. Excess consumption of sugar can lead you to lots of harmful skin conditions. Sometimes, it can start affecting your skin structure as well as your collagen. Collagen is one thing that keeps your skin young and elastic. Besides, collagen is important to protect your skin against many harmful factors. If you suck a lot of smoothies over time, it can make your skin less young, soft, and much stiffer.

Fruit Smoothies

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11Rice cakes

Even though rice cakes are among the top diet inspired grocery lists, they can be mournful for your skin. When you eat more rice cakes, it can dramatically increase your blood sugar. If blood sugar levels rise, it may cause more wrinkles. Apart from this, food experts also express that your body converts sugar into glucose. And after conversion, glucose adheres to the collagen and harms it.

Rice cakes

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12Energy boosting drinks

While it is true that energy boosting drinks are great for those who require extra amounts of energy for work, they can damage your skin. Most energy drinks contain a higher amount of caffeine and sugar. Of course, both caffeine and sugar are not good for your skin. As we mentioned above, high levels of sugar can damage your collagen. Additionally, caffeine acts to dehydrate your skin. As a result, your skin becomes prone to skin damage such as wrinkles and age spots.

Energy boosting drinks

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