12 Things You Should Not Eat If You Want Wrinkle-Free And Smooth Skin


Nutrition experts believe that canned soup contains high amounts of sodium. Perhaps you do not know that sodium absorbs water in your body, which leads you to dehydration than in the past. Some studies also reveal that such soups are loaded with more portion of sodium than the amount your body needs. High sodium levels can make you feel dehydrated. And when something like this happens, your skin can become dry and prone to skin problems, especially wrinkles.


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Drinking alcohol may be good for your heart only if it is moderate. People who have a habit of drinking heavy alcohol can get older quicker than others. Also, diet experts believe that heavy drinking can reverse the aging process. Heavy drinking can have some effects not only on your mental health but also on some other parts of your body. Since alcohol is associated with aging in a lot of ways, you need to change your heavy drinking habit as soon as possible.


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7Dried fruits are full of sulfates

Since dried fruits are full of sulfates, these delicious snacks can cause you more age spots and wrinkles. No doubt that the sulfate helps to preserve the fruits, but they also have a negative effect as they boost the free radical levels in your body. An overdose of free radicals is harmful to your proteins, DNA, and cells. And it can lead you to premature aging such as wrinkles later. So, be careful while eating a limited amount of dried fruit.

Dried fruits are full of sulfates

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8Sugary pastries and doughnuts

Probably most of us like to eat sugary pastries and doughnuts. But if you are always worried about your skin then they are not good to eat. Both sugary pastries and doughnuts are full of sugar. As a result, they could be associated with the growth of wrinkles. Sugar can damage your skin through a natural process known as glycation. Moreover, the sugar in your blood is linked to protein to produce harmful free radicals. As a result, they develop advanced glycation end products that are known as AGEs.

Sugary pastries and doughnuts

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