12 Things You Should Not Eat If You Want Wrinkle-Free And Smooth Skin

Skin aging is one such thing that can come to you as you age. But sometimes signs of aging can arise from the foods you eat. Some of your favorite snacks, smoothies, and others can damage your skin and prompt you to age faster. Botox might be a way that you always look up when it comes to getting rid of wrinkles. However, you need to take a look at some of the customs of your lifestyle that can enrich skin problems such as wrinkles and aging.


We have talked to some dietitians about the foods they appeal to people to avoid for wrinkle-free and smooth skin:

1French fries and potato chips

Foods that get deep-fried in oil usually cause cellular damage to your skin by releasing the free radicals. When you get exposed to free radicals, it will accelerate the overall aging process. This happens because of a cross-linking action. Furthermore, it can also lead you to have inflammation throughout the body. If you eat French fries and potato chips more, this can draw water from your skin and cause dehydration. As an alternative, you can go for sweet baked potato fries as they contain a higher amount of anti-aging copper.

French fries and potato chips

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2Frozen meals

It’s normal to have those nights when you arrive home late and take out frozen foods to satiate your hunger. Apparently, you will put the frozen foods in your microwave to make them edible for your meal. However, these frozen dinners may lead you to some serious health problems. Frozen foods are high in sodium and they can cause you to have high blood pressure. And an increase in blood pressure is associated with the development of age spots and wrinkles.

Frozen meals

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3Vegetable oil

Having more vegetable oil can lead your skin to have further skin problems. So, you need to cut down on the amount of vegetable oil you take regularly. It is quite common that vegetable oils are rich in trans-fat, which additionally leads to inflammation. As a result, your skin may be vulnerable to harmful UV rays. If this happens, you may have age spots and wrinkles. Since your skin can’t properly protect itself, it can worsen the skin problems.

Vegetable oil

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4Processed meats

It’s indeed a fact that more people love eating processed meats such as bacon, hot dogs, and others. But perhaps they are not aware of the side effects that they could have due to these foods. As per diet experts, processed meats contain a high amount of saturated fats as well as nitrates. Both nitrates and saturated fats lead to inflammation and wrinkles.

Processed meats

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