12 Things That Happen To Your Body In The Winter


It can be shocking to know if sun rays can cause sun damage even in cold months. However, it is true. Although the winter months seem to be cloudy, overcast and snowing, it still has the potential to hurt your skin. Of course, a summer suburban is less likely, but you can’t ignore it. If you have taken a winter vacation on the slopes, then you need to be more careful about this issue. Since you are high, the sun’s rays can hurdle off the mountain and root sunburn.


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10Itchy and dry patches

Itchy and dry patches may not seem very serious, but they are. Because it gets painful, you should not overlook it. Dry patches cannot be difficult to identify as they cause itching, redness, and scales. Itching and dry patches can also cause small cracks in your skin. Using an authentic moisturizer may be the best way to cure itchy dry skin. Furthermore, you can bathe in lukewarm water, use a moisturizing soap, and apply a moisturizer before bedtime.

Itchy and dry patches

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11Skin redness and irritation

Skin redness and irritation can take place because of several reasons, and cold months are one of them. If your skin gets exposed to extremely cold air, it starts losing its natural oil and moisture. And this makes your skin dry. When you overlook the issue, it can get worse over time. You can start applying lots of moisturizers to your skin to treat skin redness and irritation. Also, it will help your skin to calm soothed.

Skin redness and irritation

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12Eyebrow flakes and itches

Like your scaly and itchy scalp, eyebrows can also be flaky and itchy. A skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis is responsible for this particular skin issue. Though you do not have eyebrow flakes and itches because of winter, seborrheic dermatitis gets worse during winter. To reduce the itching around your eyebrows, you need to use anti-itch creams. Additionally, you should keep your eyebrows fully moisturized to decrease itching.

Eyebrow flakes and itches

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