12 Things That Happen To Your Body In The Winter

Cold temperatures keep you indoors and make you more susceptible to infections and viruses. However, chilly temperatures can affect your body in lots of ways. The winter season can be punishing because you get irritated and itchy skin, which will not be comfortable at all. Freezing outside temperature damages your skin, but not all of them are too harmful. Have you ever noticed the changes that cold months bring to your skin?


After doing some research, we want to share 12 things that winter does to your skin in the following sections:

1Piercing and sharp pain in your teeth

People whose teeth are sensitive may experience piercing and severe pain when it’s very cold outside. Freezing air directly reaches the veins inside the tooth. As a result, cold air hurts your teeth. Dentists recommend people to breathe through their nose whenever they go outdoors. Furthermore, they suggest wrapping a scarf around the mouth to keep the entire area protected and warm. This way you can guard your sensitive teeth against the winter cold.

Piercing and sharp pain in your teeth

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2Dry lips

Cold temperatures usually make your lips feel drier than in summer. And you feel tempted to moisturize your lips, and so you lick them. Even though you get temporary relief by licking your lips, this particular habit makes your lips drier. To moisturize your dry lips, you use your tongue more than usual in winter. Since saliva evaporates very swiftly, it can dry out your lips more than before. Saliva also contains some enzymes that can be very harsh for your delicate lips. Consequently, your lips may feel more uncomfortable.

Dry lips

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3Weight loss

There is no doubt that many people gain weight during winter, this season is also very good for the body to burn calories. The cold makes it easy for your body to burn calories and lose weight. When your body tries to adapt to cold temperatures, you produce extra heat and burn further energy. To generate heat, we burn more calories. It occurs more in winter as we tremble to adapt to the cold.

Weight loss

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4Your blood sugar can get increased

Freezing temperatures encourage our bodies to release stress hormones that typically increase blood sugar levels. A lot of people find increased blood sugar as soon as the temperature drops. Moreover, we do not like to go outside and workout in winter, making it hard to maintain blood sugar levels. It is a known fact that physical activities lower your blood sugar levels. This is the reason why doctors ask us to exercise at home to maintain blood sugar levels and keep them under control in winter.

Your blood sugar can get increased

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