12 Reasons Why You Should Remove Sugar Completely from Your Diet

If you aren’t aware of what sugar can do to your body then here are some reasons will tell you why it is necessary to exclude sugar from your diet completely. It has been found that these sweet white crystals can have effects like hair growth above your upper lip, “sugar face”, and even infertility. No doubt these effects are something you absolutely don’t want to deal with, but these are legit reasons why you should not consume sugar.


Ditching sugar will definitely improve the quality of your life and will drastically improve your health. Need more convincing? Here are 12 reasons to exclude sugar from your diet.

1Your hair can become thicker

Dermatologists have revealed that sugar provokes thinning of hair and hair loss. The increased levels of glucose in your body cause a huge imbalance in hormone levels. The levels of hormones like steroids and insulin become extremely uneven. This adversely affects the scalp as the scalp doesn’t receive proper nourishment due to the ensuing hormonal imbalance, and it starts losing hair. Even the right diet may not be able to restore the damage that has already been done. However, doctors are certain that with the right diet, future hair loss can be prevented.

Your hair can become thicker

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2You will stop experiencing mood swings and become more cheerful

Scientists claim that mood disorders and depression can be caused by eating too much sugar as well. Anxiety can significantly increase in those people who eat sugar-rich diets. This will not only prevent them from having healthy emotions, but from enjoying their lives to the fullest. This happens because the vitamin B content in your body gets drained by refined sugar. As it turns out, vitamin B is one of the major agents responsible for your mood. This is why doctor nowadays, use insulin to treat depression besides diabetes as it has proven to be quite effective and has shown positive results.

You will stop experiencing mood swings and become more cheerful

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3Your bones become strong and healthy

Doctors are more worried about sugar being worse for the bones rather than salt. According to recent research, sugar was found to make it difficult to metabolize vitamin D. Moreover, sugar is responsible for stripping away calcium, magnesium, and other nutrients from your bones. This might lead to you developing osteoporosis and your bone tissues becoming even more fragile. These should be enough reasons to exclude sugar from your diet.

Your bones become strong and healthy

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4Your hunger-cravings will stop and your appetite will be back to normal

Sugar can influence your mental abilities including your self-restraint and self-control. As per studies, sugar has an addictive effect on some parts of your brain. Eating sugar will only cause your hunger-provoking hormones to increase, while your hunger-suppressing hormones decrease. As a result, you end up craving foods which are high in calories and sugar like pizza, cookies, etc. You may also develop the tendency to overeat.

Your hunger-cravings will stop and your appetite will be back to normal

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