12 Important Fitness and Health Facts That Your Coach May Not Tell You About

Health is indeed wealth and when you pursue a healthy and active lifestyle you not only start looking better than before but also begin to feel much better about yourself. Exercising and a healthy lifestyle also lead to mental wellness as well. Getting into physical fitness can have variety of benefits for your body as long as you go about doing it properly and consistently. While training sessions may not always seem pleasant, there are ways in which you can get the most out of your training and even begin enjoying it. Here are some ways to go about your training:


1Visible results might take a longer time to appear

You can never expect the results you desire to appear within just a few weeks or even months of training. Results also depend on your age, your body’s weight and condition. As long as you work out consistently you will notice few minor changes in your body but not before 2-3 months. To see proper positive changes in your body it will take nothing less than 6 months to one year.

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Watch what you eat

You need to also watch what you eat since maintaining a healthy diet ensures whether your body’s outlook changes or not. Knowing how to train is yet another factor such as it would be wiser to do three in intense power workout sessions along with 2 cardio sessions per week. But, even a long ordinary walk outside is a good cardio workout, so it isn’t necessary to spend 5 days every week training in the gym.

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2Achieving the exact results you hoped for may not be entirely possible

Having an ideal body type that you want to achieve through working out might not always give you the desired result. The way your body develops will greatly depend on your genetics in addition to your physical build. Some might have a good metabolism, whereas others might experience muscle growth faster.

Many fitness trainers and professional athletes resort to taking special nutrition like supplements in order to get their desired body type. So, never set a goal which will go against what your body is capable of, as this can lead you to developing and unbalanced body shape and even de-motivate you in time. Always set the right goals after closely assessing yourself and carefully considering your limitations and opportunities.

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3Just 5-7 training sessions with a trainer is enough

It’s not always true that you would require a personal trainer to be able to guide you in achieving your goals unless you lack discipline and can seem to get motivated without assistance. All you need is to learn the right techniques from a trainer and this can easily be learnt in 5-7 training sessions, after which you can work out on your own. Maybe after one and a half months, you can get another trainer to oversee your training sessions. This way, they will tell you if you’re doing anything wrong and can also answer any of your queries regarding your training. Thus, after all this you should be good to work out on your own.

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4A good body can be developed even from the basic exercises

Trainers find in profitable to keep a client for as long as possible, and hence, they usually offer isolated exercises that focus on a single muscle. But, it is always the basic exercises that help in achieving the best results. Pushups, squats, crunches, lunges, planks, and deadlifts all fall into the category of basic exercises and which are the ones that help in building a muscle corset.

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Learn which exercises are suited for your condition and needs

With the basic exercises it is also essential to understand which exercise gets the best response from your muscles during practical workout sessions. For some, squats may be excellent for working out the buttocks muscles, while lunges might be better for others. While it is important to incorporate isolation exercises in your training sessions, you should never limit yourself to doing only them.

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