12 Everyday Nail Habits That Unknowingly Destroy Your Nails

9Staying under chlorinated water

If you too like to spend more time in a chlorinated swimming pool, then you can do more damage to your nails than others. Your fingernails and toenails get a beating whenever you spend time under chlorinated water. Chlorine-containing water can make your nails cracked and dry easily. However, using nail-hardening polish, you can also enjoy swimming in chlorinated water. Despite these harms, chlorinated water can make your nails a little more brittle.

Swimming under chlorinated water

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10You wear the wrong size shoes

Wearing very tight shoes can not only make you feel completely uncomfortable, but it can also damage your toenails. When your shoes press too hard on your toenails, it can cause problems like nail splitting and nail trauma. Besides, it can even lead your nails to get separated from your nail beds. However, if you wear shoes that perfectly fit your foot, you will help your toenails stay healthy for longer.

You wear the wrong size shoes

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11You avoid using lotion on your hands

Your dry hands can easily ruin the effort you put into getting a good manicure. And no doubt cracked and dry hands never look pretty. Those who avoid applying moisturizer on their hands may suffer from more nail problems over time. Applying moisturizer can help your hands get the necessary protection against dehydration and irritability. As a result, you can ensure that the health of your nails will be good.

You avoid using lotion on your hands

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12Unhealthy diet

It is known that anything placed in your mouth has an effect on your overall body including your nails. If you like to eat more junk food, it can unknowingly harm your nails. A healthy diet is surely a key to keep your nails healthy and strong. Make sure you eat iron-rich foods that are great for your nail health.

Unhealthy diet

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