12 Everyday Nail Habits That Unknowingly Destroy Your Nails

5You use hairsprays every minute

Hairspray is undeniably a great asset to style and remodel your hair, but it does more damage to your fingernails. Most of us don’t even know about the harms that frequent use of hairspray can cause to our nails. Such hair-styling products have at least 50% alcohol, which can easily make your nails brittle and weak. Excessive use of hairsprays can ruin your manicure while giving a finishing touch to your look. As well, the chemicals in hairspray can mess up nail polish without even letting you know.

You use hairsprays every minute

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6You like to apply nail polish for weeks

Prolonged use of nail polish can be another common mistake that helps dry your nails. Whenever you remove nail polish after weeks, there will be some clear white spots on your nails. And it is indicating that your nails are too dry. As a solution, you need to remove the nail polish when it starts looking chipping. In easy words, you should not apply nail polish for weeks, especially if you want to improve your health.

You like to apply nail polish for weeks

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7Your nails are too long

Having very long nails can help you look better, but it is not certified for the health of your nails. Most women like to experiment with long nails to achieve unique designs. Experts also believe that keeping nails short is a healthy option. Long nails can become home to bacteria and dirt, allowing potential infections to spread easily. Moreover, your fake nail additions also cause similar issues. Hairdressers also have to file your natural nails to stick acrylic nails, which makes them thinner and weaker.

Your nails are too long

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8You prefer removing your cuticles

Even though nail experts may recommend removing the cuticles to give your nails a fresh and clean finish, it is not a good thing for the health of your nail. Removing cuticles helps keep bacteria and germs under your fingernails for a long time. As a result, you may have several nail diseases. It means that your cuticles are important to protect your nails against some common illnesses and infections. As an alternative, you can ask your nail experts to push the cuticles back or trim them.

You prefer removing your cuticles

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