12 Everyday Nail Habits That Unknowingly Destroy Your Nails

We all love to have a healthy set of fingernails to add some points to our overall personality. In the meantime, we also adopt many precautions and tips to keep our nails in good shape and health. But it is difficult for us to have a specific time for nail care, like an hour or two. And the thing that worsens the condition of your nails is some of your awful nail care habits.


While it’s also true that you need to make a little more effort to maintain the quality of your nails, you need to put maximum effort to avoid poor nail care habits. Here are your bad nail care habits that can slowly ruin your nails:

1Habitual nail-biting

Habitual nail-biting, also known as onychophagia, is one of the common habits that damage your nails in many ways. Teens and children are not the only ones who have this nail-biting habit. Even well-groomed people find it hard to avoid the habit Fingernails can become deformed and your hands may look unsightly due to this particular habit. As a result, the nails may have more ridges and bumps. Such habits allow the dirt under your nail to reach your stomach and can cause further problems.

Habitual nail-biting

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2You rinse the utensils without using gloves

If you wash your dishes without wearing gloves, your nails can get dry and nail-bed more quickly. Your nails will look very good and become healthy when you do not forget to wear gloves while washing utensils. Experts believe that washing detergents are likely to damage every part of your hand, and they also shorten the life of your nail. As the nails swell easily in water, they can cause more cracks and damage to the nail beds. That’s why you need a durable pair of gloves on your hands every time you want to wash your dishes.

You rinse the utensils without using gloves

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3You are using nails as tools

Believe it or not, but most of us try to be very smart using nails as an important tool for various tasks. For example, you will not hesitate to open a soda bottle with your nails or tighten the screws using the nails. However, these are very terrible mistakes that can cost your nails more than most. If you use your nails to do things that you should not do with them, your nails may split. Besides, it can also lead to mild suffering.

You are using nails as tools

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4You clean the house without wearing gloves

House cleaning is another common homework that requires a lot of effort to get completed. But this doesn’t mean that you do not need to use gloves while cleaning the house. If you use modern household cleaners and products, make sure you know that they can make your nails easily breakable and brittle. Nevertheless, you can prefer wearing protection or gloves to prevent any possible nail damage. Above and beyond, a layer of nail polish on your nails can also be a good option for such household tasks.

You clean the house without wearing gloves

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