12 Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair to an Extent

These days, you may have to deal with hair problems to a greater extent than in the past. Although you have many hair care devices and products, it is not good to use all of them frequently. Very tight hairstyles and over-styled products can be some of the daily hair care routines that may cause hair thinning. Having healthy hair is not an easy thing that you can achieve with less care.


Do you know the habits that are causing damage to your hair? Your daily habits can inadvertently damage your hair. And so, we will help you to know those habits so that you can stop doing them:

1You’re using hair products desperately

When you are not aware of the products that you are using on your hair, problems with your hair can get worse. You may not know that your hair is sensitive to some chemicals that are being used in today’s hair products. Some chemicals like bleach, peroxide, hydrogen can cause thin hair, scalp itching, scalp irritation, and scalp infection. Consequently, you need to stop using products that have harsh chemicals to get much healthier hair. As an alternative, you can start using homemade and organic hair products that usually contain a smaller amount of chemicals.

You're using hair products desperately

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2You’re using the wrong hair ties

If you are using hair ties that are not flexible, this can cause certain problems to your hair. There are some hair ties available in the market that only looks stylish, and they are joined using a metal casing. And sometimes, they have no-slip like rubber bands. Such types of hair ties can easily crate small hairline fractures in your hair shaft. As a result, it can weaken hair and cause hair breakage. This is why you need to use flexible and soft hair ties.

You're using the wrong hair ties

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3Brushing wet hair

When your hair is wet, they are more vulnerable and brittle to breakage. If your idea is to keep your hair away from getting tangled by brushing your wet hair, then you should comb your hair before washing them. It’s a much better option. Before combing your hair, make sure that you blot them with a soft towel and allow them to dry. Moreover, hair experts recommend you comb hair when they are slightly damp as it is easier to style slightly damp hair.

Brushing wet hair

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4You are not shampooing your hair frequently

Shampooing is one of the important hair care routines, especially for your hair and scalp. If you are shampooing on time, it will be easier to keep the scalp healthy. Hair experts also believe that regular shampooing can also ensure better hair growth. When you avoid shampooing your hair, things like pollutants and oils can build up on your scalp. And it will further lead you to dandruff and inflammation. Dandruff and inflammation can disturb hair growth and cause itching. So, be very careful about shampooing your hair.

You are not shampooing your hair frequently

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