12 Brain Damaging Habits You Should Change Now

Health problems can upsurge sometimes from some unexpected things such as your everyday habits. Researchers are revealing the hidden risks of our daily customs that are washing our minds out. Whether it’s about excessive use of social media or sleeping too much, our current lifestyle is not what we should have. Maintaining your mental health is as important as keeping your other body parts healthy.


Subsequently, we will tell about our everyday habits which cause more harm to the brain.

1Very strict diet

It’s good to lose weight through some specific diets, but it’s not only your body that loses weight. People who do not approach their own diet can damage their brain according to research. Exhausting yourself with a very strict weight loss diet can weaken your brain capacity and thought process. Excessive dieting can lead to many unhealthy changes in your resting energy expenditure, menstruation, bone density, and hormones. And sometimes, a very strict diet can make you dehydrated, break muscle, and slow down metabolism.

Very strict diet

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2Excessive sugar consumption

Too much intake of sugar for too long can disturb your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and proteins. Your brain development will be suspended and it can also cause malnutrition. Excessive intake of sugar removes essential nutrients in your blood, making your brain less functional and healthy. As well, too much sugar may be responsible for lowering your memory and thinking ability. Alternatively, eating antioxidant-rich sweets such as dark chocolate and raspberries can be a good choice for your waistline and brain.

Excessive sugar consumption

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3Getting excessive sleep

Although we know what loss of sleep can cause to the brain, researchers uncovering excessive sleep may have a worse effect on the brain. Reasoning skills and the cognitive ability of your brain can shrink, especially if you get more than eight hours of sleep every night. Other pieces of research have also shown that too much sleep increases the risk of heart problems. Above all, the same habit can cause the loss of brain cells. According to health experts, more than nine hours of sleep is excessive and harmful to the brain.

Getting excessive sleep

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4Lack of communication

As per some reports of the University of Michigan, 10 minutes of communication every day can dramatically increase your mental capacity. However, this does not mean that you should talk to every person you meet throughout the day. Conversely, talking with a relative or friend can give you the same benefit. Otherwise, speaking on the phone to your loved ones also fuels your mind. Sometimes, your low morale is also due to a lack of communication.

Lack of communication

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