12 Body Changes That Will Tell More About Your Health

9Sensitive and thickened fingers

The normal finger can sometimes indicate some life-threatening health problems that you might not be aware of. If your fingers have become very sensitive and thickened, it can be a symptom of breast, kidney, or lung cancer. When tumors take place or start to develop, they will give a few signals into your bloodstream, which will further stimulate metastases in your bones. If you have also experienced the same swelling or sensitivity on your fingers, make sure to visit a doctor soon.

Sensitive and thickened fingers

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10Dark circles under eyes

As per the experts, the dark under-eye circles can normally be a result of your lifestyle changes or issues. These circles can take place due to insufficient sleep, an unhealthy lifestyle, and a poor diet. Medics believe that these reasons cause fat tissue around your eyes to get changed, which further makes your skin thinner. Even if you will not seek immediate medical attention for these dark spots, they can be a signal that you need to take care of yourself a little more than before.

Dark circles under eyes

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11Hair thinning

Hair loss can be one of the most common ones that can take place today. Although we should not be afraid of hair issues such as hair loss or hair thinning, it is still important to visit your doctor. Hair loss in women can be caused by a thyroid disorder. Also, vitamin deficiency may be another reason behind hair loss. Above all, stress can lead you to such hair issues. Those experiencing such issues for a long time should seek immediate medical attention.

Hair thinning

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12Thinning eyebrows

As you age, you may experience natural hair loss which can be quite alright. However, you need to keep your eyes on thin eyebrows. Sometimes, thinning of eyebrows can be a symptom of hypothyroidism. If the medics tell you that there are thin eyebrows due to thyroid conditions, then you need to treat the condition soon. Your doctor may advise you to undergo some dietary changes as well as ask you to take some medicines.

Thinning eyebrows

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