11 secretive but definitive habits of people suffering from depression

Depression is a mood disorder that needs treatment like herbal remedies such as Hemp Vida Plus or medical treatment the soonest. A social stigma, which often goes ignored and undiagnosed, depression, can lead to fatal consequences if not taken care of at the early stages. However, a sad but true fact is that we have been brought up in a way in which we are fashioned to conceal the black dog of depression by masking it with fake emotions and a “happy face” to show to the world. We are taught to believe that depression is normal. It is common and curable! It is high time we start treating this malady as a taboo and talk freely about it and seek the right treatment just like we do in case of any other health issue. And for that, we first need to know, who are the people who are depressed around us. Here we give you 11 secret habits of people with depression that will help you identify a friend or a family member suffering from this ailment. Go ahead and read this up, it might save someone.


1 They have unusual sleeping habits

Sleep being a perfect signal to both physical and mental health, keeping track on a person’s sleeping habits can help you identify whether he or she is suffering from depression or not. If a person becomes an insomniac and is unable to sleep properly for at least 8 hours a day or sleeps abnormally for longer hours then it may be a sign of depression. Try talking to them about it.

They have unusual sleeping habit

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2 They eat abnormally

Now this refers to eating less than normal or more than normal! If someone is eating too less then it depicts loss of appetite due to depression. On the other hand, when in depression, food becomes the only source of pleasure for some people so they may start eating more than usual.

 They eat abnormally

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3 They may appear exponentially happy

People with depression always try to show off as they are the happiest people on earth. However, if you spend some time with these people you can clearly tell that the “happy go lucky” mask is concealing some real pain and problems behind it. They need help! Genuine help!

They always appear exponentially happy

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4 They make a lot of excuses of not mixing-up and hanging out with people

They know that the forced happiness will wear off with time and to escape the judgment from people they try to avoid being in company. If you know someone who is always up and ready with excuses for not going out to the movies, dinner, parties, etc, help them!

They make a lot of excuses of not mixing and hanging out with people

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5 They give every conversation a philosophical angle

If you catch up with someone who is always turning conversations into a philosophy lecture then chances are high that the person has a masked depression. He or she is more likely to talk about the meaning of life, life’s lessons, its twists and turns.

 They give every conversation a philosophical angle

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6 They may feel and emote more intensely

The more people with depression box up their depressive feelings, the more other emotions tend to leak out at the slightest of instances. Someone who normally doesn’t cry while watching a poignant scene on TV, breaks out while doing so or someone who hardly gets angry starts getting mad even for the smallest of things; acknowledge the fact that there is a problem here, which needs to be cured.

They feel and emote more intensely

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7 They are masters with “cover-up” stories

These people are geniuses of covering up with great stories, be it even for a cut on their hand, their dark circles, red eyes (which normally happens due to excessive crying) or why they skipped dinner. They may be always giving up reasons for everything abnormal they may be doing.

They are masters with “cover-up” stories

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8 They seem exhausted

A very common side effect of depression is exhaustion. People with depression are may be low on energy levels and feel lazy to do anything.

They seem exhausted

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9 They keep themselves busy with work

An opposite of the previous point given, but this is yet another prevalent secret sign of depression. They try to keep themselves occupied and become workaholics to avoid thinking about the troubles of life.

They keep themselves busy with work

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10 They may feel “numb”

People with depression may feel emotional numbness, meaning that they may bot be able to feel emotions are strongly as they used to feel. They may not smile at things which used to make them happy.

They feel “numb” and are unable to respond to concern and affection

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11 They become less sociable

People with depression keep very few contacts. They become less sociable and start losing friends. They may just not be ready to reply to someone’s message or phone calls. They just start isolating themselves from the world and like to stay alone.

A caring touch is all that one needs when in depression. Hope this list helps you to help someone or yourself. There is no need to run away from depression or to ignore it. Be supportive of those close to you who are suffering from this disorder and reach out to them with your love and concern. Talk to them and there is definitely a way out of it. Depression is curable! Some people decide to enjoy cbd edibles canada to aid in the process of opening up to air the issues that are bringing them into the depressed state they are currently in. Some instead decide to smoke their cbd intake through a vape pen and e liquids, there is an increasing amount of cbd e liquids flavours and strengths for people to try if they are interested.

They become less sociable and don’t care about others

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