11 secretive but definitive habits of people suffering from depression


Depression is a mood disorder that needs medical treatment the soonest. A social stigma, which often goes ignored and undiagnosed, depression, can lead to fatal consequences if not taken care of at the early stages. However, a sad but true fact is that we have been brought up in a way in which we are fashioned to conceal the black dog of depression by masking it with fake emotions and a “happy face” to show to the world. We are taught to believe that depression is normal. It is common and curable! It is high time we start treating this malady as a taboo and talk freely about it and seek the right treatment just like we do in case of any other health issue. And for that we fist need to know, who are the people who are depressed around us. Here we give you 11 secret habits of people with depression that will help you identify a friend or a family member suffering from this ailment. Go ahead and read this up, it might save someone.

1 They have unusual sleeping habits

Sleep being a perfect signal to both physical and mental health, keeping track on a person’s sleeping habits can help you identify whether he or she is suffering from depression or not. If a person becomes an insomniac and is unable to sleep properly for at least 8 hours a day or sleeps abnormally for longer hours then it may be a sign of depression. Try talking to them about it.

They have unusual sleeping habit

Image Source: www.medicalnewstoday.com


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