11 Makeup Mistakes to Avoid That Make You Look Unkempt

When you use makeup correctly it will only highlight your attractive features while helping you conceal your imperfections. Makeup will only make you look your best if you know how it should be applied, how much of it to use, and which product to use depending on your skin type and tone. Even with this knowledge, people still end up making many makeup mistakes which make them look something entirely different from how they actually intended to look.


Here are 11 such makeup mistakes which everyone does but, fails to recognize.

1Using a concealer that is too light

A common misconception is that people often use lighter-shade concealers to cover dark circles under their eyes. But what it really does is that it makes those puffy bags look even ashier which makes you look even more tired. The correct way to hide dark circles is by using a primer which is a bit lighter than the tone of your foundation to cover them. After this, you may apply a concealer which is of the same tone as your skin.

Using a concealer that is too light

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2Applying makeup without preparing your skin for it

Before applying any product, it is essential to prepare your skin for it first. This is how good makeup is done. You need to eliminate any residue and purify your skin pores by cleaning and balancing your skin’s surface. Next you need to use primer because they don’t only help your makeup last all night, but they are useful in hiding small blemishes. Primer should be applied to your skin after you have moisturized it completely. It will soften your wrinkles, make your skin look smoother, and reduce any pores on your skin.

Applying makeup without preparing your skin for it

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3Neglecting your eyebrows

Eyebrows are basically the frame of the face and your entire look heavily depends on how you maintain them. Shaping your eyebrows is important as it can help you avoid looking tired or older. As such, you need to make sure to use the right shade of makeup in accordance with the color of your eyebrows.


One useful trick is to comb your eyebrows outward by drawing them slightly up and then applying some gel or soap. Finally outline them with a clean or unused mascara wand. Use an eyeliner of a lighter shade to apply some makeup on your eyebrows to make them look more natural and not so stiff. Outline them as if you were filling in hair.

Neglecting your eyebrows

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