11 Common Signs That Prove You Might Have an Autoimmune Disease

8Tingling in feet and legs

When you experience a tingling sensation in your feet and legs, then it could be a symptom of Guillain Barre disease which is a serious condition. Don’t wait, but consult a doctor when you experience this sensation because you may not be having the disease but its better to be safe than sorry. GB can cause paralysis, increased heart rate and breathing difficulty.

Tingling in feet and legs

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9Sudden weight loss or weight gain

Sudden weight changes are a symptom for many disease which is why AD is such a complicated condition to diagnose accurately. Losing or gaining weight suddenly isn’t a good sign and you need to consult a doctor immediately. When AD reduces your metabolism, you can either gain alloy of weight or suddenly start losing weight. Rapid weight loss or weight gain could indicate coeliac’s disease, Graves’ disease and Hashimoto disease.

Sudden weight loss or weight gain

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10Changes in skin tone and color

The most likely change in skin color is skin turning yellow. You will notice this most in your fingernails and the whites of the eyes. Even if your skin appears to have a yellow tint, then it could indicate hepatitis. White patches on the skin and face could be vitiligo.

Changes in skin tone and color

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11Food allergy

This is the most common and of all symptoms in Autoimmune diseases. Food allergies are quite complex because it may be one among several food items causing the allergies or it could be many. You can’t exactly treat a food allergy with an antihistamine. That only reduces the effects such as rash and itching or swelling. The underlying cause of the disease could be AD like Hashimoto’s disease or celiac. You will most probably need to undergo a preliminary IGE or Immunoglobulin test to detect allergens in the blood. There are other tests which will depend on the disease the doctor suspect you may be suffering with.

Moreover, food allergies don’t only mean itching and rash, it could mean swelling of the face or various parts of the body. It could mean diarrhea or even irritable bowel or irregular bowel movements. It is advisable to consult a doctor when you notice any abnormality after eating any particular food.

Food allergy

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Get yourself checked now

AD is a chronic condition and diagnosing the disease early will improve and prolong your life. If you should ever suffer from the above symptoms, always consult a doctor to rule out auto immune disease. Being forewarned is forearmed for good health always.

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